Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why my Husband doesn't coupon!

Last year, when we became a homeschooling family with a stay at home dad, I got several comments from friends and coupon buds that said "Oh are you happy that your husband is going to stay home with the kids as well as do all the shopping?"  HA!!!  If only that were fact.
While my husband is an awesome teacher, counselor, daddy taxi, chef and supporter of the girls events, schooling and activities, one area he falls flat on his face is shopping!  Don't get me wrong, he worked in a grocery store for 9 years, so he knows how to get around the store without the "suggested" buys as well as actually finding food we will eat, the problem is NO budget.  If I sent the hubs to do the shopping, he would pay full price and bankrupt us just getting 8 items, lol.  So why you ask doesn't he use coupons?  Simple.  He is a male that HATES shopping and would pay the store not to have a hassle!  Simple case in point

We had to go out of town this weekend for a birthday party and got home in just enough time to unload the car and get back in the car to take my eldest to soccer practice.  The hubs was gonna take her and I was to stay home with the youngest to get her bathed and ready for the week ahead.  Well, on the drive home I realized I had 4 freebie coupons(on the items pictured above) expiring TODAY!  Since I had no plans on going out and I hate losing out on freebies, I asked the hubs if before he came home he would mind running to the grocery store and picking up said free items.
His response:  "So I just go into the store, get these items and the store will give them to me and I come home?"
Me: "Yes"
Him: skeptical look

So after practice he nearly forgets to stop at the store when the eldest says "Daddy weren't we supposed to stop at the store for mommy?"
He re-routes to the store and calls me from the shampoo aisle.
Him: "What Aussie was I supposed to get again?"
Me: " The 3 min miracle, round bottle much smaller than the rest near other conditioner"
Him: "Ok, got it, so what Herbal Essence?"
Me: "Don't care, going to family, they aren't picky, someone will use it"
Him: "ok see you soon"
Me: "Bye"

At this point I assume he is heading to checkouts and done and my phone decided it didn't want to disturb me and took it upon itself to put itself on vibrate(ok, honestly I think the hubs put it on vibrate last night so he would not have to hear the ping everytime I got an email but he won't fess up to it and I went to bed in a drug induced state due to horrendous allergy attack!)

So, he gets home and I go outside to help them in to which this conversation ensues:
Him: This free &%$# was NOT free, I spent 20 minutes at the checkouts getting these
Me: What happened
Him: Cashier didn't know, manager didn't know, and you wouldn't answer your $%!@ phone
Me: Sorry it was on vibrate I just got your text

(his text: Your coupons are $%^&*#@ up!  I.Am.Never.Doing.This.Again.)

So, I say to you other lady couponers that have spouses that don't understand what we go through, realize we can do it, hold our heads up high and then go to battle another day ALL for the family budget.
Couponing is not for the faint of heart, but does not have to be the battlefield my husband seems to imply it is, lol.

I would love to hear your horror stories, either of your own or of your unsuspecting spouse attempting to use expiring coupons :D  We are all in this together and the good news, he DID get all 4 free items I sent him for and the store was so confused they actually paid him .62 to get him out the door (go figure :D)
And this is why I work the full time job and still do ALL the shopping :D (it's ok cause I love it)

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Angela Carreon said...

You are not alone! My hubby really appreciates what I do. But, he will never understand how complicated it can be. Even more when I have my three little ones with me (all under five)!

Stephanie Jensen said...

Wow! Angela you take the prize, I shop during my lunch hour so I don't have to have my kids who are both OVER five, lol

A said...

I sent the hubs to get 4 Nissin Big Noodles last week and to use a $1 off coupon. He came home from HEB saying he only saw 2 of them. I told him i saw an end cap full and he said there was no such thing. Guess what? I went last night and saw the same end cap ( but i left my coupon at home!)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your stories, and this story made me laughed as well, coz your husband fussed the same things like my husband. I stopped asking him since last time he said "NO more, don't ask me do all these things anymore"

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