Thursday, September 20, 2012

Heb - Some more Box Top items

While there is nothing on the box top program that I can see us getting free this time around, there are quite a few HEB yellow coupons out there for buy x get y free, making for some ok deals.
First, I found more clearance today so I will post that first, then some of the other coupons I noticed.

The store I shopped today had a cart of clearance and it that cart were some Hamburger Helper reduced to .75 each.  There is also a yellow coupon for buy 2 Hamburger, Chicken or Tuna Helper and get a free can of Green Giant corn.  If you notice in my picture, I turned one can backward so you can see it has a box top on it.

So I got 10 Hamburger Helper @ .75 each = $7.50
5 Green Giant Niblet style corns @ $1.06 each
-$5.30 - 5 yellow coupons for buy HH get free Green Giant
-$2.25 - 3 .75/3 Hamburger Helper insert coupons 9/9 SS, 8-5 GM and a few others or printable
=$5.25 for all and I earned the 100 Bonus box tops(worth $10 to participating schools)

*If you don't find clearance at your store, this same scenario would be $15 - $2.25 = $12.75 (an ok deal)

Some other yellow coupons (all M's):
Buy 3 Green Giant Canned veggies 14.5-15.25 oz get 4th free
- the cans are .99 so .74 each after the coupon, only the green beans and corn seemed to have btfe

Buy 2 Juicy Juice 6 pk 10 oz get 3rd free
-these were priced $3.49 so $2.33 after coupon

$2 off 2 Betty Crocker fruit shapes 10 ct
-there were $1.99 at my store so .99 after coupon

Buy Gogurt yogurt 16 count, get Pillsbury Toaster Strudels free
-The Gogurt was $4.39 at my store, and you should be able to combine with .75/2 in 9-9 SS

Buy 2 Green Giant Seasoned Steamers, get 3rd free
-these were priced at $2.48 at my store, you should be able to combine with 2 .75/1 printables
Makes them $1.15 each

This one has promise!
Buy 2 Betty Crocker pouch cookies get free HEB butter 16 oz salted or unsalted
-The cookie mix was priced at $1.98 at my store, should be able to combine with .50 printable
Makes all 3 just $2.96 or .99 each

Buy 2 Betty Crocker premium brownies or box muffins get free Heb AA 12 count eggs
- I didn't get the price of these (sorry)

Of course you already noticed my post on the granola bars and Cascadian Farms cereal.
If you are wanting any of those but need that pesky 15th item for your box tops, here are the two cheapest participating items I could find:

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Angela Carreon said...

I found empty shelf of nature valley thin. I asked if they could give me a substitute and they did. Got regular nature valley for thr same price. Yay!!

Stephanie Jensen said...

YAY!!! Awesome score :D

Karen Sutton said...

The Old El Paso taco shells are 5 for 5 and they had peelies for buy 2 and get the seasoning for free. That would be good if you needed taco shells anyway.

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