Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Kids Word World Android App of the Day - Bonus Credit

I am excited about today's free Amazon App of the Day.  Kids Word World: My First Words - Animal is ad free and it has three difficulty levels.  The first has the correct spelling of the word and your child just moves the correct letter to that spot.  The second level will not give the spelling but will lock in the letter when you have put it in the correct order.  The third level and most difficult level, your child must put the letters in the correct order with no hints or help.  I played with this a little this morning and I think it is going to be a great game for roadtrips for my 6 year old.  She is really good at reading, but spelling is still something she needs to explore.

Normally .99, this app is free today.  And as a bonus, when I "purchased" this app, I got a promotional credit of $1 towards Amazon MP3 albums or single songs at Amazon's MP3 store.

Getting PAID (in credit) to take a free APP, sweet!!!!

*Edit to add: Ok, so my 6 year old is playing with this app and up pops a picture of a snake.  She asks for help spelling it only for me to find out they want her to spell anaconda!  So maybe not a GREAT app, but might be worth the quick "purchase" to get the free $1 Amazon Mp3 credit

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