Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Brach's Candy and cheap meat - HEB

I forgot to take a picture of the yellow coupon on this one (so I don't know the expiration date, sorry) but this is a pretty sweet deal(no pun intended.

If you go down the candy aisle, you should see a B yellow coupon for buy 1 get 1 free Brach's peg candy.  The candy at my store was as low as $1.39 making it free when combined with the $1.50/2 coupon found here.(I used zip 43420)
I bought 2 Starbrites @ 1.39
1 Mandarin orange slices @1.54
1 Sour Gummi Bears @ 1.54

The two bogo coupons took off $1.39 each so I paid .08 for all 4 bags after 2 printable coupons.

A friend (thanks Karen) told me about this great deal on meat at HEB.  There is a yellow coupon for buy thin sliced chicken breast, get free beef for stir fry.  You should be able to find packages of chicken for as low as $2.70.  (mine was 2.71) The coupon states max value of beef at $5.98 but strangely takes off $6 automatically (cashier's might override this).  In my case, cashier let it go so after my $4.54 beef, the overage of $1.46 worked toward my chicken making both just over $1.50 WOW!!!!

Thanks SD for the candy info and thanks Karen for the meat deal!
I combined these deals with the cheap Granola bars to get some more box tops for the schools!  LOVE IT.

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Anonymous said...

When does the chicken coupon expire?

Stephanie Jensen said...

Chicken coupon expires today, Tuesday

Anonymous said...

My store got smart, all the stir fry packs were over $6.00.

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