Wednesday, September 19, 2012

HEB - Great deal on Nature Valley bars

I had about 10 minutes to walk through HEB today and I am glad I did.  While there, I noticed 3 boxes of Cascadian Farms cereal banged up in the clearance section.  Since they were all dented, they had them with a sticker for $1.50.  Lucky for me they had exactly 3 and there currently is a B yellow coupon for $3/3 Cascadian Farms cereal or bars.  Woo Hoo $0.50 a box and I didn't have to bring any coupons with me.
Since those are box tops items I looked around a bit to see if I could found a few more deals.
They had some Nature Valley bars banged up to so I went over to the shelf to see if they had a yellow coupon for those too.

Imagine my surprise when I not only noticed a yellow coupon, but also a sale tag!
On sale for $1.50 with a $2/2 coupon right there for me again.  Makes them just $0.50 a box.  I got 15 participating items and got the 100 bonus box tops.

Hope to have more hidden deals tomorrow but didn't have much time to walk the whole store today.

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Angela Carreon said...

Was it ALL Nature Valley or just the protein one? Also, was that a B coupon? So, we can still use manufacturer coupon on top of that one?

Stephanie Jensen said...

It was not all but I have pictured all the ones that were marked at my store. There were some almond ones and the thins.
The coupon is an M so you cannot combine with manuf coupons.

sarah said...

I only found the thins marked at my store but I was able to get a few boxes . Thank you so much for posting this deal! I love all the nature valley granola bars. I regret not price checking the others :(
On another note I checked the clearance and they had bc fruit snacks on clearance for 1.50 so they came out to .50c a box with the current yq!

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