Friday, September 28, 2012

Heb - Unadvertised (and maybe advertised) deals :D

Sorry it took a bit to get to this post this week.  Just been keeping up with life and getting behind on the blog.    The good news is there are a couple decent deals at HEB to make shopping fun! (a little bit)

First, there is a $2.50 B yellow coupon for Almay cosmetics.  Makeup remover is considered a cosmetic so you can purchase those and combine with the $2 in the Smart Source 9/23 insert.  The wipes are free with the combination and the liquids are just pennies :D

Next, the Cover Girl $1.25 B yellow coupon is BACK!!!  Combine that with the $5/2 lip coupon to get the Cover Girl lip slicks free(at least for Houston) or cheap other lip products.  Or you can combine with the $3/2 Cover Girl coupon from the last P&G insert to get the single eye shadow free (or better than-free in stores that allow)

Now this is not a free deal but a decent buy for you parents that need a quick snack while cooking dinner or just out on the go (perhaps coupon shopping!)
I honestly have NO clue how my kids can tell the difference sometimes between a name brand and a generic when it comes to something like crackers and peanut butter (seriously, I grew up with the black and white generic aisle at HEB, who here remembers that????)
So anyway, Austin snacks 8 packs of 6 are $2, with yellow coupon they are just $1 each.  These are an
easy quick snack and if you can believe it, they sell these for $1.50 each in the vending machine in my office :O (insane!!!!).

For those of you that printed the $5/1 IP on these (no longer available, I missed it too) this bogo coupon will definitely be a friend of yours!  This will make them free (or better then where allowed!)  Sweet!!!  Also if you note in my picture top right, some packages have $2 peelies so just $1.97/2 if you can find 2 peelies and you need these, :D

Are you a fan of Rimmel?  If so, there is a new B yellow coupon you might want to know about
You can combine this B yellow coupon with the $1 insert from 8/26 or 7/29 Red Plum insert to get eye pencils for as low as .59!!! With Halloween coming up, even the non-makeup wearing gals like me will be jumping on this deal (after all Halloween is coming up and I have to doll up 2 little girls :D)

Next, I noticed this $2 off Nature Made products B coupon
There is a $1 printable (zip 45345) that will make the Vitamin D free (or better than), or if you are a member of Nature Made's reward site, perhaps you have a $5 printable that will make Fish Oil cheap (dang dr told me I have to have these now :(  )

Not much else I noticed at my store, but I was in and out quicker than I prefer so if I missed anything you noticed at your store , be sure to share :D

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, new to this. If you buy more than one of the same item in one transaction, do you need to.give same quantity of yellow coupons? Or will one coupon apply to all the items like the walgreens coupons?

Stephanie Jensen said...

you will need a separate Yellow coupon for each item, very unlike Walgreens :D

Shruthi said...

Thanks for posting this deal! I was able to get them at HEB and was super excited :)

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