Monday, September 24, 2012

Earn Real Money and bonus box tops for your school - Phone app

Ok, so I posted about this app originally here.
I signed up that day and then forgot to go daily over the weekend. However, I have now scored enough to order the debit card and still have some money in my account.  I am going to go back to doing this daily to see how much I can earn in a matter of a month.
To give you the highlights:
Sign up for Jingit,  and just watch the ads it shows you
Answer the questions at the end of the ad 1-5 and you earn real money
While this app will not make you rich, it can give you some free pocket change. What I like about it, is the ads are short and you can watch them while standing in line at the store or waiting at a doctors office etc.

You can also earn points by checking in to a local Walmart and scanning a few barcodes.  That shouldn't be too hard for those that shop there already anyway.  I have not made it yet to Walmart but hope to scan when there.

To sign up -

Now how does this work (and other fine print):
You need the following items to qualify to register for Jingit
•They have their own a Facebook account
•They have their own mobile phone with text messaging
•They live in the United States
•They must be at least 13 years old
(multiple people in the same household can sign up, you just need to have all the qualifiers above)
How to register:
1. Starting on your computer, go to Jingit
2. Fill out the information on the sign up page and provide your cell number to verify your account
3. When you get the text verification code, enter into your computer and confirm
4. Then download the app to your phone and start watching ads!  Super easy right?

 So how do you get your money?
To use your money earned, you will have to get the Jingit Visa Debit card.(no credit check is done to get the card)  The fee for the card is $2 $3, but they take it from your earnings and in fact you can't even sign up for the card until you earn $2 $3 in your account.  After that, simply register for the card and they will mail it to you in about 3 weeks. Then, as you earn, you simply transfer your earnings onto the card and use it like a prepaid debit card at stores. (or you can use your earnings at

 There is NO monthly fee or charges for having the card after the initial  $2 $3 fee.  (your card needs to have some activity every 90 days).

This card will be perfect for all my small balances at Walgreens and CVS :D  

You can read all the details in the FAQ  

Thanks Heather
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