Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kroger Mega Event - 2 weeks of deals

I had to go to Kroger today because I had a $5 catalina expiring(I honestly have no clue what I bought to earn it seeing as I shop so little at Kroger these days)
Anyway,  the mega event is going on and there are a handful of things you can get for free or cheap enough to even get me out to the store.

So here goes my list in no particular order of the noteworthy items you want to make sure are on your shopping list.
All prices listed are assuming you are buying in groups of 10(unlike Randalls you can't just buy 10 or more but MUST buy in GROUPS of 10- suggestion, bring reusable bags and put in your shopping cart.  Put 10 mega items per bag to make sure you don't get your count off and put your other groceries loosely in your cart).

Powerbar Energy Blasts $0.49
Buy 10 and earn $3 oynso
Use the $1/5 printable  and the $1/4 printable(must be a member, go here to sign up for free using the code BIRTHDAY)
Pay $2.90 at checkout, earn $3 oynso

Velvetta singles cups $0.50
Use $1/5 tearpad - found at Kroger
$0.30 each after coupon

Chex Mix $.99
Buy 5 and earn $3 oynso
Load .50/1 Saving Star coupon(you can use paper coupons with these loadables!)
Use .50/1 printable
Use 2 $1/2 printable
Pay $2.45 at register, get $3 oynso and .50 in your Saving Star account
Better than free
*If you only have .50/2 inserts and cannot print, they will be 3.95 at register with 3.50 back

Nabisco Wheat Thins or Triscuits $1.49
Use B2G1 free printable (use zip 77477)
$2.48 or $0.83 each (this assumes cashier enters $1.99, the ring up price for the coupon, which is the correct way to do it)

Kraft mac and cheese $0.89
Load the $5 off wyb 15 boxes Saving Star coupon - doesn't have to be done in a single transaction
Pay $13.35 at register, earn $5 in your Saving Star account
$0.56 each after promotion
*Look in your peelie stash for a free cup coupon wyb Kraft mac and cheese

Vitamin Water $0.75
Use $0.75/2 tearpad- found at Stripes
$0.75 for 2 or $0.38 each

Kraft Singles $1.49
Use $1/2 blinkies - found at Kroger
$1/2 printable
Pay .99 each at register
*Part of the Kraft cat, so free if you buy 10 participating items
- don't buy 2% it is not on the catalina offer

Kraft Mayo $2.49
Earn $2 oynso wyb 2
Use 2 .50 inserts from 8/19 Smart Source
Pay $3.98 at register earn $2 catalina
*Part of  Kraft cat , so free if you buy 10 participating items
-don't buy Miracle Whip, it doesn't work

Kraft dressing $1.49
Use $1/2 printable
Pay $1.98 at register
*Part of  Kraft cat , so free if you buy 10 participating items

Kraft BBQ sauce $0.49
Use $.60/2 insert from 8/19 SS
$0.38 or .19 each

Magnum Ice Creams Bars $2.49
Use $1.50 printable (must play a game)
$0.99 after coupon

Honest Tea $.75
Use $1.25/2 printable
$0.25 for or .13 each

Hershey Simple Pleasures $2.49
Use $2 coupon from 8/19 Smart Source
$0.49 each

If I have missed any, Glenn will fill in the gaps :D
Thanks Glenn

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Anonymous said...

Are you saying Miracle Whip doesn't work @ Kroger or anywhere? Because I bought some last week @ Wags and my catalina printed.

Hollie @ Happy Couponing said...

Be on the lookout for Nestle TollHouse back to School Cookies on clearance, they are participating and there are insert 75¢ coupons.

Also if you still have the $1 off Capri Sun Coupons you can pick those up for 49¢/each.

GlennJ said...

I think you got most of the same deals I got Stephanie!

I also plan to get some of the Odwalla Juices/Smoothies. They are currently $1.49 after Mega. I ordered a bunch of $1/1 Qs from Recyclebank (50pts each)and will use them to nab these at 50¢ each!
Note that these are mailed Qs, so you need to order them ASAP if you want to use them next week!

The only other additional item I saw (but have not yet bought) was Lunchables with Smoothie/Fruit.
They were priced $2.49 (after Mega) at my store, and ALL of them had $1/2 peelies. There was also a $1/1 SS Q not too long ago. I just wasn't (and still am not) sure if they are part of the Kraft cat deal. Probably not.

I found I had used up all my Chex Mix IPs at Walgreens already, but fortunately there is a Kroger eQ for 50¢/1 available! So I used it, along with my SavingStar offer to essentially get a bag for free.

Also available(through the Promotions tab on the Kroger homepage) is a $1/5 Vitaminwater eQ. Unfortunately there are no Stripes stores in my neck of the woods, so I had to settle for 55¢ Vitaminwaters.

I did manage to do a little better with the Wheat Thins. Earlier this week, there was a Facebook IP available for $1/1 Wheat Thins "any Bold Flavor" varieties (so 49¢ each). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this IP is still available.

Also, I maxed out the number of free Powerbar Energy Blasts I got by buying in groups of 6 and only using 1 Q per transaction. So with 4 Qs, I rolled the cat to get 24 free packs. And then got a $2/10 Powerbar product cat to use when my store restocks! (I wanted to leave some for others)

Other non-Mega items I looked at were:

Sunny-D @ $1
- 55¢/2 IP
= 73¢ each

Bushes Beans are still on sale 3/$5
- $1/2 IP or Kroger eQ
= $1.16 ea (not bad for the large cans)

Snausages @ $1.99
- $1.50/1 Members IP (no longer available?)
= 49¢

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon are you talking about the Kraft cat or the separate $2 mayo cat? I have not personally tried but read several people not getting their cats with Miracle Whip

Anonymous said...

Glenn I bought the Lunchables with smoothie as part of my Catalina purchase, it worked! I did a separate purchase of just 10 Kraft items that were mega items to make sure it would work :-)

shawn m. said...

I bought the Miracle Whip & received the $10 catalina but not the separate $2 catalina.

Sheila said...

Question: I'm new to the SavingStar site. The $5/15 Mac n Cheese says "sold out". So I'm guessing no one else can get that deal? AND... so every time you use a coupon from there it just saves that amount in your account?

Sheila said...

One more question - The B2G1 Wheat Thins/Triscuits says "Redeemable at Walmart" on the front of the coupon. Does that mean it can ONLY be redeemed there?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Kraft shredded cheese is included in the mega?

GlennJ said...

@Anon: Yes, the shredded cheese varieties were included at my store. BUT be careful: in order for them to also qualify for the Kraft catalina they have to be 8oz.

Going over my receipts, I also forgot to mention one other item in the Mega that was a decent deal:

Boulder Canyon Chips @ $1.49 (after mega)
- $1/1 facebook IP
= 49¢ each

Stephanie Jensen said...

Sheila the kraft was there when I logged in the second time, first time it told me sold out too

Yes you can use the coupon for the nabisco because it doesn't say redeem ONLY at Walmart :D

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