Monday, August 6, 2012

Walgreens deals I did today

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I have to admit I have been totally slacking on Walgreen's shopping and my favorite cashier as well as the store manager commented they had not seen me in a long time, lol.

I honestly have stopped going into Walgreens with a breakdown of transactions either since I can never guarantee stock.  I do go in with a rough list of the freebies or nearly frees and from that list I was able to do the following:

First, I started with a $10 and a $2 Register Reward

Trans #1:
1 Renew Life 3 day diet cleanse $10
-$10 RR from prior deals
Earned $10 RR back

Trans #2:
1 Lanacane spray with aloe $6
1 Carmex skin care lotion $4.99
1 W Perfection Tampons $1.50
4 Bic Cristal Bold Pens $1.99 each
5 Scotch Tape $1.49 each

-$1 Carmex printable (no longer available)
-2 - $1/2 Bic printables(no longer available) or insert 7/29 Smart Source insert
-$3/5 Scotch tape insert 7/15 (I think? it is not in the database but I have them)
-$6 - Bic in ad coupon making them .49 each
-$5.50 - Scotch tape in ad coupon making them .39 each
-$10 RR from trans #1
OOP : .40 earned
$6 for Lanacane
$4 for Carmex
$1.50 for tampons

Trans #3:
1 W Perfection Tampons $1.50
1 Lanacane Spray $6
5 Scotch Tape $1.49 each

-$3/5 Scotch tape insert 7/15 (I think? it is not in the database but I have them)
-$5.50 - Scotch tape in ad coupon making them .39 each
-$4 RR from Trans #2
-$2 RR I came in with
OOP : .49 earned

$1.50 for tampons
$6 for Lanacane

Trans #4:
1 Lipton Natural Green tea .99
1 Carmex healing lotion $4.99

1 W Perfection Tampons $1.50

-$1 Carmex printable (no longer available)
-$6 from Trans #3
OOP: .48 earned
.99 from Lipton
$4 from Carmex
$1.50 from Tampons

Final cost:
$10 - $10
$10.40 - $11.50
$6.49 - $7.50
$6.48 - $ 6.49
Total: Profit of $2.12

*I have to admit with the Olympics on, my posts have been more sporadic but I HAD to get this post up today.  I was shopping and there was another couponer in front of me in line.  I admit I was nosy and noticed she had Chex Mix in her bag.  I mentioned if she had more Chex Mix coupons it would be a better deal at Randalls (if you buy 2 bags and use 1 .50 and 1 .60, you will pay .20 a bag!)
So we chatted for a bit and I asked if she reads forums or blogs, she said blogs and I said, oh ok.
Then she shared she reads Iheartwags and Katycouponers and I said oh, I am katycouponers, lol.  Sadly I forgot to get her name because I am actually a wallflower in person and normally like to blend into the floor if at all possible, lol.
But anyway, if she cares to out herself here, you can THANK that shopper for me getting my post up tonight :D  It was a pleasure meeting you and yes I am always that distracting and distracted looking lol.  Hope you went and got your cheetos :D

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Natasha said...

Did the Bic or Scotch coupons beep? I love your posts!

Stephanie Jensen said...

No beeps!
I used all manufacturer coupons first then Wags coupons

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