Thursday, August 30, 2012

Randalls Run - Wow.......exhausting at checkouts

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I decided to go NUTS and try to get up to $75 at Randalls today so I could score the advertised $10 oynso catalina for doing so.  -I should note here that in MY personal experience running this promo, as long as my total is $75 after ALL Randall's savings but BEFORE manufacturer coupons, it has printed without fail (NOT COUNTING TAX).  The way I personally watch for this is to let them scan everything and total my order.  Then I hand them all the Randall's STORE coupons and have them hit total.   I look at that total and subtract the tax, if I am NOT at $75 at that point I add items until I am(hence the Clif Bars, lol)

Now, on to what I did (hope I can make this make sense with all the various discounts)
I should probably preference with a few reminders.  If you have not signed up yet for the Just4U program at Randalls, you might want to, many of my discounts came from this program. I am not going to go into the various parts of that program here, since you can read the longwinded blog post here and here to read ALL about it. Also note, my store doubles and triples the first identical coupon, all others are at face value.

Ok, so here goes
1 Aquafina 1 liter $1 - .50 tearpad(I found mine at Stripes) = FREE

1 Yakisoba $0.99 - .50 coupon from 8/26 insert  = FREE

1 Countrytime Lemonade* $2 - $1.50 J4U loadable = $0.50

1 Kool-aid $2 - $1.50 J4U loadable = $0.50

1 Knorr Bouillon cubes $0.89 - .35 coupon from spanish SS(not in database?) = FREE

1 Diet Dp $1.29 - $1 J4U loadable** = $0.29

1 Green Giant Frozen veggies $2.50 - .50 coupon from 7/29 Smart Source(not pictured cause I forgot at work, lol) = $1.50

1 Yoplait Simplait $0.69 - .30 coupon from 8/26 SS = FREE

4 Reach toothbrushes @ .72 each = $2.88 (earns $4 oynso, also coupons in 7/29 RP, I was out)

8 Herbal Essences $2.49 each*** after in ad and J4U coupon =$19.92 - 4 $3/2 coupons from 8/5 RP = $7.92

5 Clif Bars .89 personalized J4U price (.99 shelf) - 1 .50 tearpad - 1 .50 loadable(this one doesn't double) = $3.06

10 Oscar Mayer lunch meat $2.49 personalized J4U price($3.99 shelf) - 10 $1.11 J4U loadable**** - 6 $1 printable = $7.80, earn $10 oynso

Open Nature Brats $1.99***** - $1 demo coupon = $0.99

Beef ribs $5.49 -30% sticker = $3.85

Top Sirloin steak $5.42 - 30% sticker = $3.79

Stew meat $4.83 - 30% sticker = $3.38

Beef for stir fry $3.77 - 30% sticker = $2.64

Beef cubed steak $1.62 - $1.62****** = FREE

Pork ribs $3.85 -30% sticker - $1 winetag(thanks Amy) = $1.69

Pork ribs $4.10 - 30% sticker - $1 winetag = $1.87

Swiss cheese $7.94 - 50% sticker = $3.97

Swiss cheese $7.34 - 50% sticker = $3.67

Onion******* $1.23 - 20% J4U for produce = .99

3 lb Gala Apples $3.99 - $1 J4U - 20% produce J4U = $2.19

I paid with a $2, $3 and $4 oynso I had from previous deals and tax was .05
OOP: $40.97

Got back $24 in catalinas

Final cost comes to $25.37 (40.97 + 9 cat - 24 in cats earned = 25.37)
Should have been $4.29 less if everything had rang up correctly, but it took me over an hour to figure out my receipt, lol

*I was counting $2 toward the $75 forgetting it might calculate as a Randalls savings, oops
**My loadable is for $1/2 but I had a winetag off $1, it beeped stating a digital coupon came off, glitch?
***If you will note, the in ad coupon and J4U coupon says limit 4, but you can get 4 PER so I got 8
****I was expecting this to come off once but it came off on all?
*****rang up full price $4.49 today but was still signed, cashier messed up taking the correct amount off I am listing what it should have been in theory
******I had a $5 off $20 Rancher Reserve coupon but it only took off the one product???
*******I bought a sweet onion so I could get personalized pricing but cashier rung up large yellow onion which cost me more

Hopefully some of you can score some of these deals as well!

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Anonymous said...

Does the loadable manuf Q, count towards the $ 75 total. For Example if I use the .50 of caprisun manu coupon does it count as randalls savings or mauf Q

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon, since I don't always know now which loadable is a store coupon and which is a manuf. I just made sure my total was at $75 before I started handing over my paper manuf coupons.

Mary Lopez said...

My $10 catalina didn't print for me when I tried it yesterday and when I asked about it they said it had to be $75 after all discounts including manufacturer's coupons :( I was pretty disappointed because I have done this deal before and it has always printed.

Stephanie Jensen said...

Mary, I am sorry to hear that. If the catalina machine was on and you reached $75 after ALL Randalls store coupons and savings but before manuf. it should have printed. You can try disputing with catalina but not sure if they will be able to help as this is a store promotion :(. Other option would be to return.

Anonymous said...

My cat didn't print today for the om and I purchased 10 but one of them was a clearance item. Would this matter?

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon, it should print even on clearance. I know I went out tonight and it didn't print for me either. Manager took me to another register and rang the Kraft by itself and it printed, weird!
You can either try that or take up your dispute with catalina

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