Friday, August 17, 2012

So proud of this receipt - random unrelated giveaway!!!

This coupon item itself holds no significant value but the receipt it is attached to holds GREAT value to me.  .
Anyway, the reason this CRT (slang for receipt coupon at CVS) is so valuable to me is because it was attached to the receipt my husband brought home from CVS!  I have been married to this man for over a decade and have couponed the whole marriage but only like this 99% percent of the marriage :P
While my husband refuses to coupon (trust me he has tried and failed miserable EVERY time so has given up!) one thing he CAN do is remember to at least INSIST on getting the card scanned or our number entered for credit.  Whether it be for gas credits at Randalls, pharmacy credits at CVS or points to the next free oil change at our car service, he CAN do that and for that I am so happy!  This coupon came from todays receipt.  He went and picked up his prescription, didn't even tell me he was doing it and I came home to a new receipt on my pile with coupons that confirmed HE USED THE CARD! :D

So, anyway, enough babbling, I have not done much shopping due to our week of hell BUT I don't want you guys to suffer due to my crazy week.
I have decided (actually it was a great idea masterminded by a very awesome coupon bud that keeps me in check with reality) to do a coupon giveaway.
I know many of my readers are still rock hard Kroger shoppers and right now I know the soft pack of Huggies Wipes are $1.49 after mega.  I have quite a few .75 Huggies wipes coupons that would make these just .74 after mega. Seeing as that is a buy price I would tackle if I was in the diaper stage still, I would HATE for these to go to waste.
So, as a giveway, I will giveaway a group of 10 of these coupons to one lucky reader.
The more entries I get, the more groups of ten I will give away, up to as many as I have (I am too lazy to count right now)
So, just post a comment here to be entered to win these coupons.  The only requirements is limit 1 entry per person and you need to leave some kind of identifying information so I can contact you in the event you win.

I will pick the winners Monday evening so I can mail Tuesday as the sale should go for 2 weeks as is typical of mega sales at Kroger.
Good luck.

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Kelley Loftis said...

I would love to win these coupons!

Davotney Rodriguez said...

I would love these. Thanks for the give away!

misty said...

I had 2 .75/1 that I used tonight! Would LOVE to win some more as my wipes SP is vanishing! -misty dozier

Anonymous said...

I would love to win the coupons!

Shawn m

Crystal said...

I would love to win these!

Shannon said...

Isn't it great when the husbands finally get it? :) Glad he got you a good coupon!

I hope I win one of the packs!! We'll be in the wipes phase for a while longer, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

These would really come in handy for this granny.

Thanks for all that you do

Jan O.

Kyle and Ali said...

Pick me, random generator! Please, pretty please? ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

jenni garcia said...

I hope i win!!!

Pheobie said...

I would love to win these!

pheobiejenkins @

Anonymous said...

I would love to win this. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I would love to win these coupons!! Thanks!

Brittany J.

Anonymous said...

I'm expecting in October and would love to win! :)Thanks for the chance!
ellenbeth1981 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I would love to win these couons. They woukd really do our family good. I have 2 in
Sandy Baez
Copperfield couponers club

Tinamari said...

With a 1week old and a 19 month old I sooooooo need all the wipes I can get!! I broke up with Kroger when they stopped the while coupon thing buy I WILL go back for this!

Lynn said...

Ahh! I should totally win solely on the fact Im buying a few packs for my daughters PK class. Also because I'm in Houston and Texans kick butt! =D my email is at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph!!

I would love to get my hand in some huggies!!

We are already friends in facebook Cynthia Stubbins! take Care!

Debbie Barbosa said...

Here is my commit... Please, please, please pick me!!! I love coupons. Thank you, Debbie

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

We can never seem to have enough at our house!

lyssa_lou_ @

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! Have a new nephew and one mystery baby on the way. Would really come in handy.


Joann said...

I just found out I'm having a boy!!! I would love these.

thewatsons77584 at gmail dot com

manu said...

Fingers crossed!!

JB said...

Would love to win these! My great niece is divorced and I'm always helping her with baby stuff!

Janet Veilleux said...

I would love these!!! My little girl is so messy that i am constantly going through them

Alex H said...

Wow !! Can always use more wipes with 2 young ones!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Alex H

Lindsay said...

I would love those coupons! 9 month old baby! Thanks for the giveaway!


justinandstephanie said...

I go through wipes like crazy!!! My baby can dirty some diapers!! Thanks a bunch Steph for having this giveaway!! Take care!!

Stephanie Jackson

Anonymous said...

I would love these!
lbslott at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Would be so awesome to win these! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I would love to win these coupons!! Thanks for your great Blog.
(I tried to comment last night from my phone, but I don't think it worked... I hope it doesn't go through twice)

Kristi Pohl
krpohl at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I have a 2 week old so wipe coupons are as good as gold for me!


rebeccaamccoy at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Would love to win these. Will be needing lots of wipes specially with twins on the way :)

kellycmom said...

This would be AWESOME to win!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have these for my great nephew! Thank you for all the Kroger tips. This is an awesome give away!!!!
A Jackson

Anonymous said...

I would love these coupons.I promised to keep my little nephew stocked up on diapers and wipes for the 1st year.

Tonya S.

Brandim0425 said...

I would love to win these, I am trying to build up my baby stock pile before the new baby arrives.

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