Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HEB Unadvertised Finds

 I am trying to get back on routine and thus I walked HEB during my lunch break to find some unadvertised deals for you guys.
First (Just for Julia!) I noticed a new Mitchum B coupon out for $1.50.  As all my readers should know by now, you can combine B HEB coupons with manuf. coupons for extra savings.
So, if you were to buy the $2.68 deodorant pictured, your deal would look like this:
-$1.50 B coupon
-.75 insert 8/19 Smart Source
I know a few peeps that are brand loyal to this brand so they will probably be stocking up.
(Cheapest women's I noticed was $3.40)

 Next I noticed this multipurpose B coupon for Always Infinity, Radiant, or Tampax Radiant or Pearl
 Combine the $2 off 2 B coupons with the $2 coupons found in the 7/29 Proctor and Gamble inserts(expire Friday!!!)
And get Tampax Pearl as low as $0.92 a box when you buy 2!

 If you are a fan of Rimmel Cosmetics.  They have a new $1.50 B coupon out, making the eye pencils as low as $0.09 when you combine with the $1 insert from 8/26 Red Plum or 7/29 RP

 If you are in need of some reusable plastic ware, you can get some Rubbermaid for $0.97 a container.  Note, this is an M coupon so cannot be combined, but not a bad price either.

If you are a mechanical pencil nut like me, you might want to look for this M coupon.  If you need refill lead, you can get a container of 30 for just $0.47!

And, saving the best for last:
My favorite B coupon is back!!!!! Cover Girl!
Combine this with the $1 off or $3/2 coupons in the 7/29 or 8/26 Proctor and Gamble and you are gonna score yourself some better than free eye shadow!  Woo Hoo!  Note, the 7/29 coupons expire Friday.
(sorry to my Austin readers, I know you don't have the cheap priced eye shadow :(  )

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Daniela6968 said...

Since Waxahachie is about 40min away, I'm trying to get my qs ready just for a HEB visit. Regarding the yellow B q, do you have to use 1 for each man q? What is the limit regarding the yellow qs? Like the lead refills...can I get more than 1? TY!!

Hina said...

Thank you so much for all you hard work :)

I have nevet combined a B coupn with a mfg coupon, are there any tips to make it a smooth transaction? Should I give the B coupon first or the mfg coupon first?

Thanks for your input

Stephanie Jensen said...

Hina, I have had them entered either way and results are the same regardless.

Stephanie Jensen said...

Daniela, you will need to grab multiple yellow coupons. They are treated similar to regular coupons in that you have to have one for each set of items you would like them to apply(HEB turns them in for reimbursement).
I have occassionally seen a limit on YQs but don't recall there being a limit on any of these. I was limited on the cover girl only due to the manuf coupons wording :D

Hina said...

Thank you Stephnie for answering my question. Appreciate it


Anonymous said...

Oh I am excited for the Tampax and Always! I am making a run tonight! Thx for the list!!

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