Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kroger Mega Sale

I saw Kroger was having another mega event so decided to walk up and down the aisles to se if I could find any hot deals for this sale.  Sadly, I didn't find much and noticed regular prices have certainly gone up -Reach floss used to be $1 before we lost doubles, then they went to daily price of $1.05, now they are $1.07 daily :(

Ok, first off, for those that don't know what the mega sale is, you have to purchase 10 participating items in a single transaction to get .50 off per item.  You can do multiple megas in a single transaction but you have to make sure you do them in groupings of 10.
So, some deals you might not have seen:

Hormel compleats are $1.99 after mega BUT if your store is like this one, you might find some on clearance.
This store had 1 kids for $1.49 and 2 regular for $1.61
Deduct .50 for the mega and $1 printable and you have
FREE - .11 each

Pup- Pepperoni are $1.99
My coupon bud reports if you buy 2 or more you get a $2 oynso
Combine that with the $1.25 printable or $1.50 printable if you have the paid membership(if you have the paid membership, print the 1.25 first then log in and it will let you print the $1.50 too)
After $2 oynso, you have a money maker with either coupon, just be sure to buy only 2 per transaction!

Kleenex tissues $.99
Use the $0.60 insert from 2 weeks ago(spanish inserts) to get them for just .39
Great for back to school time

Nabisco Snack Saks $0.99
Use $1/2 printables to get them for .49 each

Pillsbury Toaster Strudels are $1.49
Look for specially marked boxes that will score you a $5 rebate when you buy 3 in a single transaction
if you find them, buy 3 with the $.85/3 printable
Your total on these 3(assuming you have 7 other mega items) will be $4.47 - .85 - $5 rebate = $1.38 MM

Hefty One Zip Storage Bags $.99
Use $.55 printable or $1/2 insert 5-13 SS or 7/29 RP
Pay as low as .44 each

Del Monte canned veggies $.75
Buy 6 and get $2 oynso so
$4.50 - $2 = $2.50 or .42 each

Turkey Hill tea is .89
Use $1/2 insert 7/22 or 8/12 RP (limit 1 per transaction)
.39 each

Smart Balance spread $1.99
Use $1.75 printable
$.24 each
*Need to double check on this one as I am being told these might be two different products, need to go check after work

Chex mix is .99
Use $.60 printable to get for just .39

Not on Mega:
.99 White seedless grapes

If I missed any, I know Glenn will help me out :D

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GlennJ said...

Well, since you asked... ;)

Actually, I haven't been by Kroger yet this week, but today my free Oscar Mayer Qs arrived in the mail from their Tastemonials promo last month... and these are included in this week's Kroger Mega sale! So effectively 50¢ MMs!

From AtoZ said...

Ragu mega price is 1.28, using .50/2 coupon ( a unilever q), price is $1.03 each.

GlennJ said...

I finally went to Kroger today and do have a couple of additions (might be useful since the mega will likely last another week):

Smart Balance Milk @ $1.99 (after mega)
- $1.50 Q from 8/5 SS insert
= 49¢

Puperoni cat is $1 OYNSO if you buy 2, $2 OYNSO if you buy 3 or more...

Kraft cat is available as well for some of the sandwich meats and hot dogs. OM Selects Turkey hot dogs were $1.39, most sandwich meat was $2.77.

Reach Toothbrushes were labelled as participating items at my store and cost $1.49 (!!) after mega. Even at that high price, they were still a MM if you used two $2/2 IPs and factored in the $4 OYNSO cat for buying 4.

Also, there were some nice SavingStar/Upromise deals:

Chex Mix deal you posted is actually a MM when you factor in SavingStar redemption!

Betty Crocker Frosting was 3/$5 at my store and *some* varieties were included in the mega.
2 x $1.17 (after mega)
- 85¢/2 IP (also 75¢/2 available)
- 75¢/2 SS/Upromise redemption
= 74¢/2 (37¢ each)

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