Thursday, August 9, 2012

Randalls - Run to work the $4 off 4 or more + a few other scores

I was happy to restock our granola bar inventory for a pretty cheap price.  I split this into two transctions so I could use my catalina from the first to pay for the second.

Trans #1:
3 Reach Toothbrushes @ 1.72
1 Reach toothbrush @ 1.87
-2  $2 printable  or $1 insert 7/29 Red Plum

2 Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce $1.25
Use .50 insert 8-5 Red Plum doubles
=.25 for 2 (remember Randalls does not allow a coupon on the free item so just use 1 coupon)

= $3.28 cost oop
Earned $4 oynso for buying 4 Reach toothbrushes (told you to save those coupons for the MM :P)

Trans #2:
Items on the $4 off 4 - prices listed assume you bought at least 4 participating items(basically takes $1 off each price)
2 Apple Cinnamon Chex $1.49 - $1 printable (no longer available) or .50/1 insert 7/15 Smart Source doubled = .49

2 Motts fruit snacks .99 - .50/2 insert 6/24 Smart Source = .49 each
*There is also a .50/1 in the 7/8 Smart Source that will make one free, I just didn't have it clipped

1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.49 - .50 printable = .49

2 Nature Valley Protein bars $2 -  .50 printable  doubled - .50 insert doubled 8/5 GM = $2.00

*not part of $4 off 4
3 Nature Valley granola bars $1.79 with in ad coupon - .50/2 printable  doubled or $1/3 insert 8-5 GM=$4.37

Used $4 catalina from first transaction
Paid  $4.49 (catalina takes off tax but all my items were non-taxable so I had -.33 tax)
Earned $3 oynso for buying 5 Nature Valley granola bars.

So overall, everything cost me:
$3.28 + $4.49  - $3 = $4.77 or .30 an item
(In this tally since I used the $4 to pay down the second trans, I cannot count it as a minus or I would be double counting it)

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Qi Zhu said...

Today at my local randalls, I was denied to use the internet printed coupon (b/w), I want to complain about it since I just checked the coupon policy it is still ACCEPTABLE.

Do you know any of this policy?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the breakdown. I did the reach deal, my store only had Barbie brushes and only I paid $1.01 oop (had a $2 catalina from Fiber One-buy 4 get $2).

Stephanie Jensen said...

QI: go to and use the contact us link to tell them your store would not accept an internet coupon as according to their policy they take these
Unless they know what is going on in the stores they don't know!

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