Friday, August 24, 2012

Dollar Tree to Start Accepting Coupons Sunday Aug 26th

Dollar Tree is now joining the bandwagon of taking coupons!  Are you excited?
Well, lets calm down just a little and realize that this is a VERY new policy for them and the training might not be there right off with the cashiers.
So, first, be sure to head here (third section down) and print the online coupon policy to take with you, if you venture there.
Now, make sure you read the policy before going NUTS as it does clearly state they have the right to limit quantities.  If you go too crazy they might just change there minds and say "forget about it"

So, I ventured to a Dollar Tree the other day on my lunch and have to admit I was not 100% impressed with the number of name brand items they carry, but there are a few items that will be free I might venture in for (wonder how they are about rainchecks?)

I took a few pics.  Keep in mind everything in the store is $1 (or less in the case of things like greeting cards) so I am not gonna list pricing, lol.

 The 9.25 oz box of Shredded Wheat can be yours FREE with printable here OR
if you have the 8/12 Smart Source insert, check there first to save your ink :D

 According to the database there is a regional .75/1 Nature's Own product coupon in 8/5 SS
Just be sure to check the dates on the bread as I noticed many were VERY short dated, but yum! I love Nature's own, especially if I can get a loaf for .25, and I freeze bread :D
 I don't think the currentl coupon out works for this size, but I know sometimes there are less restrictions, so keeping fingers crossed for one of those in future inserts

 Wall of soap, I see some Olay in  there that has potential for free later. Don't see any GREAT deals right now as I can get better at Randalls with doubles/triples, but something for sure to watch.
These are bound to be free eventually too :D

For more matchups, check out HCW's Dollar Tree forum.

Meme credit to HCW.

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