Friday, August 31, 2012

HOT!!!! Science Diet for just $0.99 - Petsmart

As you can tell, I was SOOO excited about this deal that my picture is super blurry (guess I didn't have to bother with watermark, lol)

Anyway, there is an unadvertised deal on Science Diet cat food at Petsmart for the next 3 days.  The 3.5-4 lb bags are one sale $7.99 for Petsperk members(sign up here).
If you go here, you can print 2 coupons for $7 off ANY bag of Science Diet cat food.

So just $0.99 WHOOP!

I looked in the ad to see if it was there so I could price match and do it at Petco too, but as I said, it is unadvertised :D

Thanks Courtney and Jennifer <3 p="p">
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Daniela6968 said...

Sigh...brings back memories of that $5 q and they were on sale for $5. Good ol' days..

Stephanie Jensen said...

I know, not free but I had to snatch this price up since this is the only thing I feed my chubs!

Anonymous said...

what does one need to do to be a member?

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon, you can sign up here:
It is free :D

Anonymous said...

I couldn't copy and paste the link you just gave since this function is disabled!

Stephanie Jensen said...

hmm, that link works for me.
Try going straight to then in the top right you will see a tab that says Petsperks, click there :D

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