Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recycle Bank - Don't forget the Randalls coupons!

This is a long winded post that ends in an interesting bonus so those that read the whole thing will get the jump on everyone.

I gotta say I have not logged into RecycleBank one week shy of 2 months!  What attracted me back?  Well, gotta say it really is a great site and so easy to earn FREE points which in turn earns you great rewards.  The goal tonight was to snag the $ 5 off $50 Randalls coupon to use in my BIG Randalls trip this week (will be posting my shopping list later).  Since this coupon only costs 50 points (and you can print 2!) do these tasks to easily get up to those points.

Log into RecycleBank 
Choose the Earn Rewards tab and look for these promos:
You should see a live featured pledge, take that for 5 points
Go to the SC Johnson Green Choice Challenge - on August tab you should find 50 points in pledges
Blue Diamond Almonds has a quiz worth 20 points
Blue Diamond Almonds, pledge to throw a greener party worth 10 points
GE Freshpedition quick 1 question quiz earns you 5 points
Choose Natural Baby Clothes pledge will earn you 5 points
Think Before you Trash game earns you 25 points
Hellmann's Go On a Picnic earn 5 points
Learn about rerefined motor oil earn 25 points
Learn how to protect your engine and your environment pledge earns 10 points

So easily that is 160 points!!! Woo Hoo

So now that you know how to be greener and you have yourself a $5 off $50 purchase at Randalls, stay tuned for how I am going to try to get $100 in groceries for as little as possible and MORE importantly, stay tuned to learn how to save more at Randalls AND have a chance to score a $50 gift card to get you on your way to stocking your pantry :D

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GlennJ said...

Just so everyone can add a few extra points, I thought I should point out that the SC Johnson Green Choice Challenge can get you 60 (not 50) points as there are TWO hidden pledges: one in the house and one outside. According to my activity log, these were:
"Pledge to water your lawn responsibly"
"Pledge to cut down on summer driving"
"Pledge to break the disposable water bottle habit"
"Pledge to cool your home by planting shade trees"
"Pledge to avoid overusing your A/C"
"Pledge to reduce heat gain by lowering shades"

As for the rewards, I'm still a bit miffed that I (in Fort Worth) apparently don't get access to the Safeway discount Qs. But I can't complain too loudly as they offer discount Qs for other grocery chains,as well as offer a TON of local businesses offerings after the city teamed up with them - which allows us to earn with curbside recycling as well!

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