Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunday Coupon Preview -

Normally I like to use the Sunday Coupon preview but I was a bit disappointed to see it is not posted yet for this week.

Well, I stumbled upon a really good preview at WeUseCoupons.
Just click the link, then in the pull down menu, select Coupon Resources and Coupon Preview, then you will be able to see the next few weeks previews.

Also, for those of you living in Houston, I have some great news from one of my readers. Stephanie D had this information to share with us:
I was able to buy the Saturday paper with the Sunday inserts at the 99 cent only store. They are $1.50 now but that is better than the $2 I've been paying!
Thank you Stephanie, I am sure you have made other readers very very happy

Edit: I have had several readers remind me you can also order the Sunday only paper directly from the Chronicle for just $1.


Colie's Kitchen said...

Thanks for sharing!! I really resent paying $2 I don't know why, but it still burns my butt :-) I have been having just the Sunday delivered to my house from the Chron for $1 a week. It still saves me $1 on at least one of the papers I buy.

Kathryn K said...

the paper is $2.00 because the cost of living went up just like everything else. we have a very large paper too with all the weekend stuff in it...most of which i never use. also as more people don't read papers revenues from subscriptions & ads are going down; they had to make up for the amount of $ needed to stay in business. remember the Post? it closed years ago. (my dad retired as a pressman from the chron)

Kathryn K said...

also, i usually try to roll my RR or ECBs into new get more get more free or get more RR/ get more free papers....:)
less OOP that way!

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