Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Beer Clearance!

Stopped into Randalls for another round of Scrubbing Bubbles for my mom and found yet some more beer clearance. Since my dh is a beer man, I picked up these two six packs. They were supposed to be 50% retail price, but I guess they went on sale for $1 off each so I got them for slightly less than 50% each.

The Honey Brown was $6.99 - $4 -50% off = $2.99
The Sunsine ws $7.99 - $4.50 - 50% off = $3.49 (guess I should have bought both 6 packs for that price!)

If you have a beer drinker in your house, it might be worth checking your local Safeway clearance section!


Anonymous said...

Which Randalls did you go to?

Anonymous said...

Was tuesday the last day for the scrubbing bubbles deal?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

This was the Randalls at Fry/I-10 and they still had Red Hook, Budweiser and a few other beers I left.

No,the scrubbing bubbles catalina deal goes until 4-25 I believe and the sale price is still live for at least another week

lmagee said...

What are the details on the scrubbing bubble deal? Thanx

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