Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kroger- Boy did I do a happy dance!

I like going to Kroger on Wednesday and walking the aisles for hidden sales. Well, I went yesterday and was very very glad I did. At the store i visited, they had an in-store special on strawberries 2lbs/$1 and NO that is NOT a typo. Two pounds of strawberries for $1!!!!
As you can see in the picture I stocked up(cleaned, cut and froze them for smoothies - up late doing that hence the reason for my delayed blog post).
Well, I also decided to test out the new Digital Choice promotion they started (posted about here) for the free movie tickets option(Johnny Depp has been a busy man making movies:P)

I did 2 transactions(due to 3 coupon limit per transaction) and here is my breakdown:

Used my moms card:
3 Betty Crocker potatoes $1 each -.40 cellfire = $2.60
*3 Smart Balance sour cream $1.50 each - $1 insert 3-21RP= $1.50
*3 Snuggle sheets $3.50 each - $1 ecoupon - 3 $3 insert 3-28 RP= .50
*4 Purina One dog food $1 each - bogo insert 3-28SS?(took off 1.39 each-coupon beeped unmatched, cashier had to override) = $1.22
-$5 ecoupon for instant win game
Tax: -.30
Cost oop: .52 and earned $3 for potatoes and 1 movie ticket voucher

My card:
3 Betty Crocker potatoes $1 each = $3.00
3 Steamfresh veggies(not pictured) $1 each - .35 insert 3-21SS= FREE
*1 Smart Balance sour cream $1.50 each - $1 insert 3-21RP= $.50
*3 Snuggle sheets/liquid $3.50 each - 3 $3 insertv 3-28RP = $1.50
*6 Purina One dog food $1 each - bogo insert3-28SS?(took off 1.39 each-coupon beeped unmatched, cashier had to override) = $1.83
14 one pound of Strawberries .50 each - 2 .50 IP(no longer available) = $6
-$3 oynso catalina
Tax: .27
Cost oop: $10.10

I was happy with that since I got 14 lbs of strawberries, 2 movie tickets, I somehow earned 10 FREE Pampers Gift to Grow points catalina too?, and all these groceries. YAY


Anonymous said...

Awesome deal on the Strawberries!

Where did you get the .50 IP for them at?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Sorry anon, got in such a hurry to post, I forgot to include the links and locations, lol. This IP is actually no longer available but it was offered on the Driscolls website.

Frances said...

Excellent deals! Apparently there is a "strawberry glut". My Kroger had a 3 day sale on them at $.99/lb last weekend. Of course, there were none to be had when I went.

Oh, well, we are going to pick some next weekend, so I can wait.

Stacy Shilling said...

If you have a Family Dollar near you, they have the Snuggle Dryer Sheets for $ they are free there.

Chris said...

Which Kroger did you clean out the strawberries? Please dont say Sugar Land.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Chris yes it was Sugar Land and NO I did not clean them out. There was a man stocking them faster than I could take them and the case was still FULL when I left. There was still over 100 containers between the two tables they had them on and the cart he was pulling from

shuchi said...

Where did u get the e-coupon for snuggle. its not there on kroger website.

The Texas Deal Diva said...

Check out my blog for an offer for free Land O Lakes butter when you purchase I Can't Believe Its Not Butter or Smart Balance

Chris said...

Thanks Stephanie. Im going to pick up a buch to freeze also. But for margaritas instead of smoothies. lol

Juan said...

I couldnt find the Purina One coupons from 3/28. Does anyone know where they were from?/

Jill said...

has anyone tried to use the movie certs? I tried to use it at Studio Movie Grill Citycentre & the douchebag manager there refused to let me use it. I showed him the toll-free # to call, but he refused & just walked away. Won't be giving them any more of my business. A fair warning to everyone on how you'll get treated, at least at this theater if you try to use this reward.

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