Tuesday, April 20, 2010

P&G Money Maker deal at Safeway!!!!!!!! YMMV

I was at Randalls and saw the Gillette Fusion manual razors marked 50% off clearance sale.
Well, since I knew they were part of the P&G Spend $25 get $10 catalina deal, I decided to purchase them and give it a try.
3 Gillette Fusion razors $10.99 each - $5.50 each 50% sticker - $4 P&G insert = $4.47
Tax: .37
Cost oop: $4.84 AND it printed the $10 OYNSO
$5 MONEY MAKER!!!!!!!
Good luck with the search for these at your store.


Audrey said...

awesome! did you have to ask them to scan the barcode and then adjust the price? or did scanning the barcode automatically ring up 50%?


Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Randalls has these new 50% stickers they have been putting on clearance. They scan the bar code and things ring up full price, then they scan the 50% off and it comes off the bottom as a coupon. So the catalina triggered the $10.99 price x 3 so well over the $25 requirement. :)
I LIKE this better then their old markdowns

Michele said...

Whaat?! I JUST got back from Randall's - wish I would've read this first. Oh well, guess that just gives me a reason to go back!
Oh! found 50% off beer markdown! DH is gonna love me for getting this. $2 something for a 6-pk. wow!

Susan S said...

none at my store lots venus razor refills though..

KKennedy said...

Wow Stephanie, you always get the best deals! I found another money maker- Pup-peroni dog treats at Randalls are $3 each. I had $2/2, $2/2 and $1/1 on Shortcuts and there's $1.5/2 on the Randalls website. You can print $1/1 coupons on the Pup-peroni website for a $2.50 total MM. I also got a $1 catalina when I purchased them today!

Tara said...

I attempted a deal similar to this where I bought one of the razors and then other household PG items that I needed, but I didn't get a cat:( If I did this shopping trip on Sat. do you think there is anyway of taking my receipt and having the manager issue one? Or should I just cut my losses? Just wondering you would do in a situation like this. Thanks for posting such awesome deals btw!

Southwest Coupon Clipper said...

You do always find the hidden deals!!! Great find!

S. Wade said...

So glad I saw this yesterday before I went to the store. I bought several P&G items worth $18. I went ahead and bought one Venus razor and two Fusion razors because they were a good deal and I was hoping they would finish out my $25. Worked like a charm! Not all of my eSaver coupons came off though (another $6 should have come off), which was annoying. I've already sent a note to PG eSaver customer service and received a reply back. After my coupons, a $10 cat that I needed to spend, and the eSavers that did work, I paid $7.31 OOP. Had all the eSavers worked, I would have only spent $1.31. Love it!

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