Monday, April 5, 2010

100 FREE Points to Disney Movie Rewards

Want to boost your total another 100 points without a purchase? GREAT, enter these codes:

Disney Movie Rewards program.

Popular - 10 points
Partners - 15 points
Wildflower - 20 points
Online - 25 points
Green - 30 points

100 total points.
If you are not a member, consider signing up and entering all the free codes you see posted here and elsewhere and donate them. Disney offers many chances to donate your points and they will use them for various charitable events.
For instance, right now, with just 175, they will donate a tree seedling to a school!

Thanks katncaed from HCW for the heads up!


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Thank you!!

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Thank You so much!!

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Thanks for the codes. That's great!!

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