Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Good Deals at Safeway

I can't help visiting Randalls everytime we get new loadable coupons. I never know what they are gonna give me free or pay me to take home. This is just a random sampling of some of the deals you should be able to find at your store too. I know many people prefer pictures over just straight matchups, because then you have a visual image of what exactly the item you are searching for looks like.
These items have been purchased over the course of 2 days on two different Randalls cards along with other items not pictured that I picked up to cover overages or a shortage at my home. Hopefully this will help you plan a successful trip to your local Safeway (Randalls, Tom Thumb)

Yoplait Delights yogurt on sale for $2.50
- $1 cellfire and/or shortcuts
- $1 3-21 SS
(look in your reduced bins, I found one 50% off so got paid to take it out of store with 1 loadable and 1 insert)

Bisquick $2.89
-.75 cellfire
-.60 shortcuts
-$1 insert 3-28 SS
(I had two cellfire loadables so got paid a little to take Bisquick out of the store)

Cascadian Farms cereal $3.29
-2 $1 cellfire
-$1 IP
(I purchased 1 @ .29 but heard there is a $2 oynso cat deal if you buy 2, so with 2 IPs and after cat, you can get two for .29 each)

Green Giant canned veggies .69 each
-2 $1/3 cellfire
= .07 for 3 cans of veggies (who says there are not coupons for healthy food!)

Windex multi purpose cleaners $1.99 wyb at least 3(marked at $3.50 each on the shelf)
-$1 insert 3-21 SS or $1 IP
Earn $2 catalina per two you buy
Purchase in groups of 2 with a minimum of 4 at a time

Kraft cheese promotion Buy 5 get $5 off instantly
I purchased 4 cream cheese .49 each after discount
1 Kraft cheese singles $1.99 after discount
-$1 booklet coupon for singles(found these in a sandwich booklet near the meat dept at Randalls)
-.40/2 booklet coupon for cream cheese (1 doubled- found these on a jello display at Randalls)
=$1.75 for 5 cheeses
(there are rumors around the blogosphere that the minis are included and there are .55 blinkies, but the store I shopped at does not sale the minis at all, so I could not confirm this for my area)

Not pictured (too lazy to go outside to pull from freezer)
Delimex 60 count taquitos on sale for $9.99
-$3 in ad Randalls store coupon(with $10 purchase)
-2 $3 shortcuts coupons
-$2 insert 4-11SS
=-$1.01 (dh was excited that I finally brought home taquitos again, I was excited they almost paid for my cheese!)

YMMV as this was a clearance GREAT deal
3 Ziploc freezer bags $4.49 each with 50% off stickers(because the boxes were beat up)
1 Ziploc freezer bags $4.49 no sticker
Purchase at least 3 and they ring up $2.49 each instead, but NOT before the 50% price takes off from 4.49
This is confusing but it looked like this

4 @ 2.49 each = 9.96
-3 x $2.25 for the 3 50% stickers = -6.75
-.50 Kroger Jewish calendar coupon doubled(manuf coupon) = -$1
-.40 insert doubled 3-21 SS = -.80
-$1/2 insert 3-21 SS = -$1
=.41 OOP
BUT there is a cat deal that when you buy 4 freezer bags you get $2 oynso
so they paid me $1.59 to take 4 boxes out of the store
*IT PAYS to check those clearance racks!!!!

Other deals I know about, but I don't have the loadables to make them free
Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker potatoes are .99 when you buy 4(mix and match) in one transaction
If you have enough loadables, you can possibly make these free or profit
Don't forget to print coupons to help(check my left column for betty crocker and boxtops website)

Green Giant boxed vegetables $1.67 each
-.50/2 cellfire
-.50/2 shortcuts
-.50/2 IP
= varies!

Free Safeway reusable shopping bag with in ad coupon and $40 purchase(these are nice bags and I have been able to get several when presenting coupon first!)

Does anyone see anything I am missing?

Thanks goes to SD for the Delimex deal and the Windex cat info

Edit to add contributions made by my readers:
Pepsi or 7-up 2 liter, $.69
-Use .25/1 hangtag
Total: FREE or .06 MM

Skinner Pasta, $.79
-Use $.50/1 peelie
Total: FREE or .21 MM
Thanks to Shawn M

Pup_peroni dog treats $3
-$2/2 shortcuts (possible multiples)
-$1 shortcuts
-$1 IP
Total: varies based on how many loadables you have
Thanks to Sallyann


Shawn M. said...

Pepsi or 7-up 2 liter, $.69
-Use .25/1 hangtag
Total: FREE or .06 MM

Skinner Pasta, $.79
-Use $.50/1 peelie
Total: FREE or .21 MM

The Texas Deal Diva said...


Green Giant Box Veggies 1.00 at Kroger this week

Robin said...

Do you know if the Windex sale is still going on this week, or did it end on Tuesday?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

The sale is still on Robin, go get your FREE windex

Shawn M. said...

I only have 1 $3 Delmex taquitos q on shortcuts, but I hve 2 $1 taquito q's. It says on the 25count. I wonder if that means 25ct or higher or strictly 25ct. Did you have this one loaded when you made your purchase?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Shawn, the $1 coupons are exclusive to Kroger stores(see fine print on website where it shows restrictions)
What expiration date do you have on your delimex, perhaps the second has not been offered to you yet. Mine have dates of 5-15 and 5-30.

Shawn M. said...

Oh, you're right. I didn't even notice that! The $3 q expires 5/15

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Shawn, it sounds like you have not gotten the second loadable yet, I would wait a couple days to see if it shows up

Traci said...

Stephanie, I got my Randalls card today and took a shot at the Windex deal. I bought 6 at $1.99 less $1 Q's for each one. Only problem was NO CATALINAS. Help? What do I do?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Traci, congrats on getting a Randalls card. Don't forget to start loading up all the great loadables available.

You can call catalina at 1-888-826-8766. Have your receipt ready and let them know you were expecting a catalina. They should be able to confirm it and send you the catalinas via postal mail.
If they are giving you grief you can tell them it should be promo number 609146161

Rachel said...

Ok Stephanie, I have to tell you about my Randalls trip yesterday. I went and did some of the same deals you mentioned here - and I am always really careful to add it all up to make sure I don't go negative and somehow I messed up or more loadables came off than I calculated, but my total came to negative $4! The cashier called over a manager even though I told her I would go grab some baby food to make it positive, and the manager just wanted to zero it out! But I wasn't about to let my $4 go to waste so I went and grabbed some baby food, but while I was gone another manager looked over my receipt and got mad at the cashier because she said "no matter what it should never be negative." I felt really bad for the cashier because it wasn't her fault - it's just what happens with loadables and paper coupons. Now I'm afraid that I've been noticed at that Randalls - have you ever had this problem? I know I'm not doing anything wrong, but I'm nervous to go back there because I don't want the managers to attack me!

Michele said...

Whoa! I'm gonna have to put Kroger down this week and go get the great deals @ Randall's. It's not that often we get more than 1 really good deal @ Randall's. Thank you ZM for posting this!!
A couple other things I might get with overage:
DS loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it is $1.67 ea this week.
There are a couple $.55 loadables and I believe they count for the GM B4G4 catalina. So, $6.68 (1.67x4) - $1.10 (.55x2) - $1/3 (3-28 SS) = $4.58 oop Get $4 OYNO
There are a couple $1 Sun Chips loadables and they are $2.99 so might be worth it since DH loves these.
Fresh Express is $.99 and there are $1/1 tearpad & blinkies out there. Whoo hoo! Here I come Randall's

Sheryl said...

There at my store was also Orville Reddenbacher popcorn BOGO - 2.99 ea.

So 2.99 for two of them, and then I had a tearpad I found that said "1.50 off ANY soda" - so I bought the 7-up for 1.69, used the 1.50 off, then got the .55/1 eCoupon loaded to my card from their site. I would have done better waitin for this weekend I think the soda is more cheap but not bad for 2 popcorns and 1 soda: 2.63 plus or minus a few cents

Farhana said...

Michele - is the GM cereal Catalina deal at Randalls? I know they're running it at Kroger right now but wasn't aware of it being at Randalls. I love Cin Toast and free is even better! :)

Michele said...

Farhana- Good question. I don't have an actual Randall's cat that states it will print but I know Randall's typically has the same cat deals that Kroger does. Sooooo... I'm just going to go out on a step of faith and even if it doesn't print I'll be happy with a good deal since luckily, I have other OYNO's that will cover it and make it free. I will let you know how it goes. Cross your fingers!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Farhana- I purchased 2 Cheerios and 2 Cinn Toast Crunch today and did not get a catalina for them. I received other cats, so I know the machine was working properly

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