Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kroger- Free sponges, MM on potatoes now

I wanted to get a few more free BC potatoes before the catalina deal ends on Sunday and was happy to see they put the pouches on sale for .89 each. There is also a new Scotch Brite coupon for $1 off any Scotch Brite product and right now Kroger has the Green sponges on sale for $1 each, making them FREE!
Here is my transaction:
3 BC potatoes .89 each *
3 Scotch brite sponges $1 - $1 ip = FREE (these coupons did beep)
Bananas .89
-$3 oynso
Cost oop: .56

*There are .40 IPs that would make the potatoes an even bigger money maker, but I have used all mine up
You can get the ip HERE, HERE or HERE!

Also, don't forget to check Shortcuts for loadables.


Maria S. said...

gosh darn dang-it :)
I was hoping the Scotch-Brite coupons weren't going to beep.
I just paid for the same $1.00 sponge the other night and was looking forward to going back after I saw the $1.00 off coupon yesterday. I guess I will try it once and see what happens.

Fun times with the Larsen's said...

I thought the BC catalina didn't end until the 28th??? I thought that's what I read on the shelf tag. How do I find information on it?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

The informational catalina I have shows an end date of 4-18. I received this before the whole promo started and keep it with me in the event a catalina does not print.

Anonymous said...

Hi ZM,

Can I ask which Kroger you went to? Did they give you trouble since you used an IP cpn and it beeped?


Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Jenn, I was at the West. Parkway/Mason store and I tried to buy 5. The cashier informed me he would have to ask his manager since they beeped. Came back and said manager said it was ok, but I could only purchase 3. :)

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