Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cvs Quick Run for NY cosmetics

My friend told me earlier in the week I could get free NYC cosmetics items at CVS but I just had not made the time to get out to one. Well, I was out on another errand and was near a CVS so I stopped in not really expecting them to still have inventory. I was WRONG!!!!! They were fully stocked and even after I left there was still TONS of stuff.

Anyway, about the NYC, they are b1g1 FREE this week(ends tonight) and we got $1 off coupons in last weekends Red Plum insert. Since CVS takes 2 coupons on bogo, as long as you get an item priced between $1.72(to match the wording on the coupon) and $2, they will ALL be FREE.

I got 36 different items of NYC cosmetics including
Nail Polish
Duel eyeliner pencils
2 pack eyeliner pencils
Liquid Eyeliner
Lengthening Mascara
Cover Sticks
Liquid Lip shine

I also picked up some Emeralds nut snacks 12/$10 with $2/2 tearpads I have still from Randalls. I was also mailed a new CVS card with a $5/$30 purchase on it and they said once I used it, all my info would transfer over and it DID! Yay, my old keychain card was on its last leg(I actually have it taped to an old Albertson card since it lost all its laminate and is very flimsy)


amy and the bad cats said...

sweet! i don't have multiples of the NYC coupons, so i can't do that deal, but i do have plenty of the emerald tearpad coupons so i'll be swinging by cvs this evening to get some of those free!

Southwest Coupon Clipper said...

I mean seriously, that is crazy!!! You get the most amazing deals than anyone I know!!!!

amy and the bad cats said...

was that the regular price on the emerald nut snacks, or just last week's sale? dinner with friends ran way late last night so i never made it to cvs!

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