Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shopping deals around town

Sorry for my lack of posts again this week. Been super tired and we have had company in town, so not much time to take pics, post transactions etc.
So, instead, I want to use this post to tell you about the sales I do know about! I have done some of these and others I have not and cannot confirm working or not.
I typically don't like just giving matchups and deals since so many blogs already do that. And I really don't like posting deals I have not confirmed myself since they may not work for locals. BUT, since I have not had time to post, I am gonna do it anyway(at least this once!)

So here goes

Airwick Freshmatic compact $3.99 - $4 insert 4-25 SS = FREE *not confirmed by me, so not sure if coupon beeps or not

Benadryl $4.49-$4.99 Purchase 2 - $5/2 insert 4-11 RP = 3.98-$4.98 Earn $5 RR *as of Sunday, the $5 was not printing, I am hearing rumors it is no, so do this at your own risk

Stayfree maxi pads 16 or 24 count only $2.99 - $2 insert 3-28RP = .99 Earns $2 RR -Confirmed!

Plackers Flossers 90ct $2 - .50 insert 4-18RP Earns $2 RR - confirmed but watch to make sure it rings $2 and not $2.99 as some are ringing incorrectly

Clio Beautytrim hair trimmer $4.99 Earns $4.99 RR - look in cosmetics for a tray as well as on the shelf - I have yet to find any but I did find an empty tray at one store :(

2 Reach toothbrush $3.99 each - bogo 1-3 RP - $1 3/7RP - $4 in ad coupon= OVERAGE

Skintimate Shave cream(a new bottle, not the regular ones) $2.99, Earns $3 RR - some magazines also had coupons for this like Cosmo(thanks greenie!)

Schick Quattro Titanium 3 count mens disposables $5.99 - $4 insert 4-25 SS Earns $3 RR and $1 RR *might be a glitch? but I confirmed it yesterday to be working

Hallmark Greeting cards: Purchase 8 receive $5 RR. This appears to be working on the .49 greeting cards if you can find them. I cannot, so cannot confirm

I will add other stores as time allows (shhhh! I am at work, lol)


grace said...

Schick is spitting out two register rewards did it 4 different times today with $4.00 coupons and $3.00 coupons both making it a money maker with coupon and rewards. Would be good with $2.00 coupon if someone wanted to stock up even more.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Grace, to clarify, are you saying the womens Schick Quattro is also spitting out both RR? This is my razor of choice and if so, I have some serious Wag'ns to do!

Anonymous said...

The Benadryl $5RR does not print when you use the $5/2 Benadryl coupon because the $5RR has the same barcode as the coupon.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, it is true it was not working for the first part of last week and then it started working. There are also reports this week that is started working again after Tuesday, but I have not made it to Wags to confirm

Anonymous said...

Do you know if you can order items in Walgreens stores (ex, GPS) and pay for it with RR?

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I confirmed that the Benadryl was working yesterday. I hadn't tried it since the first day they had it, which was 1 or 2 weeks ago and it wasn't working. Oh also, I read and confirmed that when you buy 2, you can use the coupon and a RR to pay because the coupon only attaches to 1 box, so no need for a filler.

The Slott Family Blog said...

I tried to do the Reach last night, and they said they could only take off $1.99 for the BOGO Q....maybe someone else will have better luck with that!

Anonymous said...

on the razors...i think that the only one that is spitting out a $3 RR and then a $1 RR is the mens shick titanium 3 pack. I dont think that the womens is doing the same thing but if someone tries it on the womens and it does work pls post so we can all take advantage!

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