Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walgreens Earth Day Promo

WOW! I went to Walgreens to get the free reusable bag and boy was I suprised by what I found. The coupon stated the bag was free with a purchase, so I started checking the aisle to see what I was going to buy and I stumbled upon the motherload of clearance sales. My pictures reflect 4 total transactions at 3 different stores.
Trans 1:
4 Goodnights clearanced +15% coupon = $2.46 each - 3 $1.50 coupons(I only clipped 3 and didn't want to run back out to my car to get another one, lol)
5 Walgreens size 3 14 count diapers clearanced +15% coupon = $.87 each (will earn .09 back on W card for this purchase)
3 Off products clearanced +15% coupon = $1.44 each - $1 esc = .44 each
1 Walgreens shopping bag .79 after 20% off coupon - store coupon = FREE
Paid with $3.50 and 2 $3 Register rewards and $1.63 on W card
Will get back $3 for Caregiver Rebate and .53 on W card and $2.34 from friend wanting the Goodnights(price I paid less the coupons and caregiver rebate) - $4.35 from friend wanting the Size 3 diapers(cost to me)
Trans 2:
1 Chapstick $1.69 after 15% coupon
1 Barrel of monkeys pen clearanced +15% coupon = .42
1 Walgreens shopping bag .79 after 20% off coupon - store coupon = FREE
Paid with $2 RR and .12 on W card but earned $2 RR and will earn .08 on W card for free bag
(I was also given an extra bag at this store because the prior customer refused their bag, woo hoo!)
Trans 3:
6 Huggies 184 count wipes clearanced +15% coupon = $1.86 - .75 for 4 and .50 for 2(again I didn't clip enough from 4-19SS and didn't want to go back out to car)
12 two packs of Deerfield farm corn dogs clearanced +20% coupon = .20 each
3 Off Skintastic clearanced + 15% coupon = $1.44 - $1 ESC
1 Iams cat food 4lb clearanced +15% coupon = $2.03
8 Walgreens size 1 14 count diapers clearanced +20%coupon = $.87 each
1 Walgreens shopping bag .79 after 20% off coupon - store coupon = FREE
Paid with $10 in previous RR and $10.49 on gift cards and will earn back $1.02 from W card
Will also get $6.96 back from friend wanting the size 1 diapers and will get a coupon for another free Iams cat food for purchasing this one
Trans 4:
3 Disney christmas stickers clearanced +15% coupon = $.63 each
6 six packs of Deerfield farm corn dogs clearanced +20% coupon = .40 each
1 Walgreens shopping bag .79 after 20% off coupon - store coupon = FREE
Paid $4.43 on gift card but will earn back $0.32 on W card
So final tally for the day:
$3.50+$6+1.63 -2.34(friends)-4.35(friends) -$3(caregiver)-.53(W card) + 2.12 -2.08(RR+W card) +20.49 - 1.02(W card) - $6.96(friends) +4.43 -.32(W card) =$17.57
So $17.57 for what I am keeping:
1104 Huggies baby wipes
60 Corn dogs
6 Off products
5 Walgreens reusable shopping bags
3 Disney sets of stickers
2 4lb bags Iams cat food
1 Chapstick
1 Barrel of Monkeys pen
Considering I turned all my RR into CASH, I am a pretty happy couponer!


Steph said...

I am so dumbfounded. I have no idea how you do this. I totally did not use this promo to my advantage! :)

michelle said...

good job. I need some huggies wipes, i'll check tomorrow.

Hello! said...

Can we say someone hit the Wags jackpot? =)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is AMAZING!

I wonder if my WAGS has all of these wonderful Clearance Deals!!!

I've been a couponer for about 2 months and always forget to check the Clearance section.

Is there a designated Clearance section in WAGS, or is it in each area?

Melissa, Houston

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Melissa, all the clearance was still on the regular shelves with orange tags stating the clearance price.

JANE4girls said...

you rock....I want to be like you! I picked the wrong day to put my car in the shop, lol

Budget Bella said...

I ditto Steph! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

Melissa, Housotn

Together We Save said...

WOW! Ok I did Wags yesterday and I thought I did well. You did great. I used to never go in this store. Now I go about 2 times per week.

Diane said...

Great job! I wish I could have found some of the Good Nights!

The Slott Family Blog said...

I agree...I don't know HOW you do this!! I think your stores just have better clearances! LOL

I only have one Walgreens and I did two separate transactions, but the clerk wouldn't let me use another 15% coupon. :(

But the 15% off my first transaction but my energizer batteries totalling to only $19.28 and I needed $20 for the free waterslide rebate! Arrgh, so I may have to get another small package. Oh...but got $2 RR from energizer!

I have that Iams mail-in certificate, but haven't been able to find a good deal on CVS it was $11!! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

My Walgreens told me I can't use more than one RR in one transaction and also that I can only use one coupon (either manu. or RR) per product. It beeps when they try to ring it up so that is what they tell me. What is going on? EXample: claritin 19.99-i used 7.00 manu coupon and tried to use a 6.00 and 2.00 RR and they would only take the 7.00 coupon. Any advice?

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Anon, some stores will only let me use 1 RR per transaction as well(not the case at the ones yesterday that I scored most the clearance). Also, they are right on how you were trying to use the 2 coupons for 1 claritin. To use a RR with a manuf coupon, you have to have a filler item. You manuf(RR are manuf coupons) coupon count has to be equal to or less than the number of products in your order. You could have grabbed some clearance peeps and then used a RR to pay.

Anonymous said...

You are my hero! I went to Walgreens today after work and scooped up the wipes and Good Nights! Too bad I didn't get the 15% Off by doing all of this yesterday, but they were still great deals!
I will be looking for Clearance deals now...thanks so much for the post!

Melissa, Houston

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