Sunday, April 12, 2009

Free Pet Food at Petsmart

Went out of town to visit family so not much shopping done this weekend. However, coming back into town, I needed to stop in at PetSmart to purchase an aquarium cleaner. I had a $5/$25 coupon and the item I needed was only $12.99. I tried to see if there was anything else I could get free that would help me use the coupon and ultimately lower my cost on the needed supply. When I strolled down the cat food aisle I found this bag of cat food with a try me free peelie attached. This product cost $12.99 so it was perfect to cover the difference in price to help me use my $5/$25 coupon. What was even better, is that there are $5 coupons out right now for Science Diet Nature's Best pet food so this is how my transcation looked:

1 Nature's Best cat food 3 lb bag $12.99
1 Aquarium Gravel cleaner $12.99

Competitor coupon -$5
Nature's Best coupon -$5
Tax $1.32

Total $17.30

According to the rebate, I can send in for purchase price of $12.99 (good on 5lb bag of dry dog food or 3 lb bag of dry cat food at PetSmart only)
That brings my total down to $4.31 for the much needed gravel cleaner.
The really funny part of this whole story is I thought my $5/$25 coupon was for PetSmart (which is on my way home). Turns out my coupon was for Petco! When I handed it over, the cashier didn't say a word and entered it in as competitor coupon. So now I know they take competitor coupons, lol.


Greeny said...

I was there the other day getting dog food and had the 5/25 coupon. The cashier said "you aren't at petco" and I looked at her weird.

Then she pointed to my coupon and I said "I KNOW...don't y'all still take competitor coupons?"

Really, I didn't even look at the coupon when I was in there but I didn't want her give her smart alec self the satisfaction!! HA $40 a bag of dog food, I never have a problem spending those coupons :)

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