Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walgreens and Randalls again!

I was given a heads up that Walgreens had some Clairol Nice 'n Easy on clearance and there is a current $3 RR wyb 2. Well, went to my local store and sure enough, I found some. Here is the breakdown:
2 Nice 'n Easy hairdye $2 - $ 1 insert coupons
1 Scunci $2 - $3.50 RR from Colgate Toothbrush
Paid .52 off W card and earned $3 RR for Nice 'n Easy and $2 RR from Scunci so .98 profit on today's run!

I knew the Planter's nuts were part of the Living Well, Feeling Great promo going on at Randalls. I also had my free(up to $5) Planters coupon from the Kraft online game win back in January. Well, I was fortunate enough to find $2/2 tearpad coupons the other day so I did the following deal:
1 Planters Nutritions $4.99 - $4.99 free coupon from Kraft win
10 Planters peanuts $2.50 each - $2/2 tearpad
1 Dial soap $1 - .35 c tripled

Not part of Living Well promo:
4 Vitamin Water $1 each - $1 coupons
2 Glade candles $2.50 each - $2 from inside prior candle purchase
-$3 from 10% promo on my card
-10 prior Living Well catalina
-2 prior Bertolli catalina
tax -.01
Paid on gift card .99 and earned another $10 LW catalina
So total for this : $.99 oop + $10 Lw + $2 - 10 lw earned = 2.99


SonyaAnn said...

I'm on the IL/WI border and we don't have a Randalls. I usually drive about 30 minutes up into WI for our once a month grocery shopping. My DH and I just did it last night. We ended up spending $361 for 3 cart fulls which is pretty good and then we only have to pick up milk and fresh produce the other 3 weeks. But my absent minded husband forgot that he filled the trunk of his Focus with empty cans from work! What a mess. We were packed to the gills. I just imagined us taking a corner to fast and the door flying open and everything rolling out. It was a good lesson to check the trunk!

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