Saturday, April 4, 2009

Great deal on printer paper at Staples

I was a little disappointed that I was going to be out of town this weekend with no Randalls or Kroger within driving range, but thanks to Jenny at SouthernSavers, I still was able to get a good deal. What is even better, this deal is at Staples, which I typically do not have access to.

If you are looking for paper to print all those coupons, then you need to head to Staples and look for these packages. They are currently on sale for $6.99 BUT Staples is offering a $5.99 rebate on each ream you buy NO LIMIT! If you have a local competitor coupon(Office Max, Office Depot), you can use that to bring down your cost even more and even get paid to purchase the paper. I had a home mailer for $10/50 from Office Depot so I purchased 8 packages
8 * $ 6.99 = 55.92
-10/50 = 45.92
tax of 3.79 = $49.71

After my receipt printed, the rebate form and a rebate receipt printed. I can even submit the rebate online, so no need to waste a stamp.
I will be getting $47.92 back on the rebate, making my cost only $ 1.79 for all 8 reams.
I did also use a Staples Reward card which earns $4.59 (10%) back on this purchase. I am not sure if I will have the min. of $10 rewards earned by the end of the quarter to get this though. However, those of you with Staples more readily available can also take in empty ink cartridges to be recycled and they will add $3 on your Staples rewards for each cartridge. Just two cartridges and 8 reams of paper should earn you the $10 Reward, payable at the end of the quarter(June).
Thanks again to Jenny for this GREAT deal!


Precious said...

Zoey's Mom,

The deal I did on this last Saturday is here:

Kimberly said...

YOU ROCK!! I am heading to staples tomorrow hopes to find some paper!! GREAT JOB! :)

Anonymous said...

Did the offer ended? I just went there and there was no such rebate =(

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Anon, the rebate was not listed anywhere on the shelf. I just purchased the paper and the rebate form printed after the receipt. I am not sure of the end date to the sale price but the rebate goes for a while still.

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