Friday, April 17, 2009

Randalls Ozarka deal!

Ozarka 700mL 6 packs are part of the Living Well Feeling Great promo(purchase $30 worth of product, get $10 oynso catalina). In addition to that, for each 2 you buy, you receive a $2 oynso catalina. I still had some leftover $1/2 peelies from the Aquapod deal that I was able to use. Here is the breakdown:
14 Ozarka 6 packs $1.99 each - $1/2 peelies
1 Yo Plus 4 pack $2.50 - .50 doubled
1 Dial soap $1 - .35 tripled
-2.14 for 10% promo on my card
-10 Lw catalina from previous purchase
- 8 in prior catalinas from Bertolli and Pledge promo
Paid : $ 2.10 on my gift card and earned back $10 LW catalina and $14 in catalinas from water
So $10 + 8 + 2.10 - 24 = $3.90 profit and now my Hurricane stockpile is set just in time!

ETA: According to the tags at my store, the Ozarka catalinas will print until 4-21!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! Can you use the Ozarka catalinas you earn on this deal to buy more Ozarka or will that not work?

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Yes, the Ozarka catalina roll, so you can use them to pay down the next transaction.

Anonymous said...

When does the $2 deal end?

Anonymous said...

I did a deal similar to this just once and used many coupons to bring my total down even further, however I was still purchasing 30 dollars worth of products. Should the coupons make it so the cat doesn't print? That is what the cashier told me.

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

I cannot recall if the $2 promo ended yesterday or if it ends 4/22. You might want to check your store for the promotional tag.

The cashier was incorrect! Manuf. coupons are a form of payment that the store gets reimbursed for and has no effect on the catalina promotion. I would call catalina(1-888-826-8766) and have your receipt handy, sounds like a catalina printer problem.

Karen said...

According to the tags at my store, the Ozarka water cat ends 4/21.

I did not get my $10 Living Well cat today even though I spent over $30 in qualified products. The manager told me that the total has to be BEFORE coupons. I had manu. coupons and some of the Bertolli cats that I used. I called corporate when I got home and they told me the same thing...
I've called the catalina number and they are going to look into it once the transaction is posted and call me back.

Anonymous said...

I had an issue as well today when the $10 Cat didn't print. Turns out that one of the items I had wasn't part of the deal, it had a white tag...but not the Live Well tag. A little confusing? YES! Why would they have other white tags that are not affiliated with the promotion? They refunded the entire transaction and I got a different item and it printed.

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