Monday, April 13, 2009

Randalls is at it again

I heard a new Randalls promotion was going to start on Wednesday, but while I was in Randalls a couple days ago, I got an informational cat with today's date. So at lunch, I tested it out and it works! The promotion is called , Living Well, Feeling Great. You spend $30 (before coupons) and get a $10 OYNSO catalina. To find a complete list of participating products with upcs go here.
Today's transaction I got the following:
6 Bertolli pouch pasta sauce $2 each - $1 (4-5 inserts)
3 Crystal Light mixes $4.49 each - $ 3.29(b2g1 coupon 3-29SS with max value $3.29)
1 Kashi frozen Entree $4.49 - $4.09 (not pictured as I ate it for lunch, home mailer with max value $4.09)
1 Dial liquid soap $1 - .35 t (3-8SS)

Not part of promo:
1 Owens breakfast sausage clearanced for .99 - .35 t (not pictured- also got overage because coupon beeped and cashier did override, 3-22SS)
2 Dannon Activia clearanced for $1 each - $1 (1-11SS)
4 Joint Juice singles $1 each - $1 (2-22SS)
3 Vitamin Water10 $1 each - $1 (4-5SS)
2 Glade scented oil candles $2.50 each - $2 (in package of previous candle purchase)
-$3.86 for 10% promo on my card
-$13 for Pledge $5 cat and 4 previous $2 Bertolli cats
- .10 tax
Total : $ 0.56 paid on gift card and earned $10 cat for Living Well promo and 3 $2 cat for Bertolli
So Grand total: Paid $13.56 and got back $16 for a profit of $2.44!


Kimberly said...

You are AMAZING! I gotta see if I can go at this deal like you did!! We will see!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Budget Bella said...

I'm exhausted just from reading this ... but of course will be hitting the shops tomorrow to try and get it on a few of the deals!

Anonymous said...

is the dial soap still 1 dollar? i just realized i had 35 cents off coupons

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

yes the dial is still on sale

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