Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cheap produce

Sorry I don't have a picture to accompany this post. It seems I have misplaced my cord to my camara(hope to find it later and add picture)
I went to the 99c only store to pick up my newspapers and decided to check their produce section. WOW! They have a great selection yet again. I bought a bag of 9 oranges, 6 Roma tomatoes, 5 anjou pears, and a 1lb bag of baby carrots for $4.
They also had Kiwi(6 pack), Cucumbers(2 packs), 3 different colors of Bell peppers(2 packs), garlic(8 packs), ginger root, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes(1 pint), celery, lettuce, and full size carrots(1 lb) for just $1 each. Definitely worth a look when the grocery stores are not running specials.
Also, if you are in need of bread, they carry Sara Lee for just $1 a loaf and they have white, 100% whole wheat and Honey wheat. That sure is much cheaper than the grocery store has it on sale.


welchmomx5 said...

Could you please tell me which 99cent stores carry newspapers? I live in the First Colony area of Sugar Land. The only one I have called to ask is Dollar Tree, and it just kills me to pay full price for a newspaper just for the coupons. Thanks! =)

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

The name of the store is "99c only" store. As far as I have seen, they all carry the papers.

SonyaAnn said...

That is a really good deal on the bread. Thanks for the post.

Budget Bella said...

The peppers are a good price too. Though I am hoping to buy the bell pepper plant from Lowes for 2.98 and start to grow own, but in the mean time the 99cent store is a good place.

Colie's Kitchen said...

Thanks for the heads up I went to the one on Westheimer and Hwy 6 got a loaf of Sara Lee bread, bagels, Fresh Potatoes, Baby carrots, Cauliflower, Bell Pepper,
Onions, Ball park Hot Dog Buns,
Sara Lee Bread and Sara Lee Bagels
What a great deal!! I figure I saved $10 at least!!

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