Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exhausting day of deals

I need to apologize ahead of time, as some of these deals ended tonight. I found out about them at the 11th hour so was not able to share them sooner. Three stores are involved. Here goes: HEB: HEB is known for their meal deals. They offer something that you buy and in turn you get several other items free with in store coupons. This week(ended today) they offered 9 free items when you bought a bone in whole or half ham or beef brisket. I opted for the ham so I can turn it in for the Unilever rebate from the 4-5 inserts. The Unilever rebate calls for $40 in Unilever product receipts and you can get a free ham or turkey up to $20. Well, since Randalls is paying me to buy Bertolli pasta sauce, the Unilever receipts are covered.
Tonight, the cheapest ham HEB had left was $28.38. I found a $2 off ham winetag at Kroger that I used and I got these 9 other items free with HEB store coupons: 1 12 pack of rootbeer, 1 can Charro beans, 1 package shredded cheddar cheese, 1 Kraft BBQ sauce, 1 Fresh Express salad, 1 bag Corn chips, 1 2lb bag of Ball Park Franks, and 1 loaf of white bread.
Total spent after coupons $26.22 and will submit for $20 rebate from Unilever. So basically, I got all this for $6.22 + stamp!

Walgreens(These deals are still valid!- Thanks to Mercedes at Common Sense with Money) I got these items in 4 transactions.
Transaction 1:
4 Degree clearance deodorant $1.09 each - .75 c 3-1 RP
2 Dove trial size deod. $.99 each - $1.50/2 c 3-15 RP
1 Chapstick $1.99
- $3.50 RR from prior Colgate deal
.33 spent on W card, got back $6 RR for deodorant and $2 for Chapstick
Transaction 2:
1 Chapstick $1.99
1 Scunci hair elastics $2
1 Colgate max white toothbrush $3.29 - .75 c 3-29 SS
-$6 RR from prior purchase
.57 spent on W card, got back $2 for Chapstick, $2 for Scunci and $3.50 for Colgate tb
Transaction 3:
1 Scunci Elastic $2 - $2 RR from prior chapstick
0 oop, got back $2 for Scunci
Transaction 4:
1 Crest Toothpaste with bonus mouth rinse $4.49 - $4.49 free coupon from prior Bayer monitor purchase (Thanks Maya for the heads up!)
4 Hershey easter candy $1.25 each
6 Dove Trial size deod .99 each - $1.50/2 c 3-15 RP
-$6 (2 $3 prior RR)
.44 oop on gift card, got back $6 for Dove deodorant and will get back $5.50 for Hershey candy rebate # in esc($5 + 10%)
So finally tally for Walgreens:
Total spent: $18.84 (prior RR + gift card + W card)
Total earned: $29 (RR + Gift card)
So up by ~ $10 for the day at WAGS

Finally Kroger. Again, 2 of these deals ended tonight and I found out about them rather late in the day.
3 Johnson baby oil $1.99 each - $3/3 catalina(from buying buddy bars before)
3 Olay 2 bar soaps $3.19 each - $2 c 4-5 P&G - .50 loadable(Thanks Courtneyrtr)
1 McCormick grill mates $1 - $1 c 3-15 RP
- $3 instantly for buying 3 P&G products - $1 prior cat I had
Tax .17
Spent $ 2.21 and got back 3 $1 oynso catalinas for buying the J&J baby oil
so total spent .21 for these items.
(P&G promo ended tonight, but J&J promo and McCormick is still valid)
ETA: Thanks readers for the correction on the McCormick. It is still free but price changed from $1 to .99. Sorry about the confusion.


Anonymous said...

Actually McCormick Grill Mates are 99 cents this week.

Texas Two Step said...

I thought the McCormick sale ended on 4/24 I checked the yellow tag and could have sworn that was the date.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, when you go to Wags, where do you usually find the clearence items?

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

I find some clearance on the regular shelf and some on the clearance endcap.

Ashley said...

I went into Kroger for the baby oil and my $1 oyno did not print! what should I do?

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Ashley: Wait 24 hours and then call catalina 1-888-826-8766 and they can pull up your transaction(have your receipt handy). They should be able to mail your coupon.
You have to wait 24 hours so they can view your transaction in their system

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