Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have moved into Randalls for the week!

I could not believe my luck. I received a 10% off card in the mail from Randalls this week, so I called to have it added to my existing card and somehow now I have 2 10% discounts coming off for a total of 20% off all my shopping until 5-6! So at lunch I decided to see what I could get cheap and here is what I came up with:

Part of Living Well promo(spend $30 get back $10 catalina)
1 No Yolk Noodles $1.50 - .75 coupon (3-15SS)
10 Yoplait yogurts @ .50 each (wyb 10) - .25 each for reduced for quick sale stickers(no coupon because I didn't have it with me, but there is a .40/6 cups from 4-19 SS that would have saved me another .80)
6 Ziploc freezer bags $3.29 each - 2 $1/2 coupons (3-15 SS) 2 .40/1 coupons(1 doubles 3-15 SS)
2 California Pizza Kitchen melts @ $2.50 each - $1 blinkies

Not part of LW:
5 Pedigree Dentastix* $5.99 each - $2.50 coupon (4-19 RP)
2 Pillsbury crescent rolls $1.50 each - .40/2 doubled(4-5SS)
1 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1.79 - .30/1 tripled(4-5 SS)
1 Kids reusable shopping bag $1.99 - $2 coupon wyb $50 worth of stuff
-11.20 (20% discount)
-15 ($10 in prior Lw catalina, $3 prior Pillsbury catalina, $2 prior catalina from Ozarka)
Spent $18.31 oop + 15 in cats and got back $10 from Lw, 3 $1.25 from Ziploc, $3 from Pillsbury

*Pedigree Dentastix I bought were marked 2/$6 or $3 each in the store I shopped. However, they rang up $5.99 each, hence the large oop!
I went to the service desk and they confirmed the shelf tag and gave me back $21.60 in cash(difference between (5.99-3) * 5 times + tax)
I am not sure where they came up with this amount to give me back???? I was in a hurry since it was my lunch hour, so I didn't noticed it was higher than I should of got until I got back to work!

So final tally that run:
Cost: $18.31 + $10 +$3 + $2 = $33.31
Received: $ 21.60 + $10 LW + $3 + $3.75 = $38.35
Profit: $5.04

After coming home and dropping off the kiddos, I convinced dh to let me hit another store! I scored finding peelies and hangtags and got the following:

Part of Lw Promo:
2 Cranergy juice $2.99 each - $2 hangtags
2 Ocean Spray juices $2.50 - 2.50 each(free wyb 2 Smart Start cereal peelies)
4 Smart Start Cereal $2.79 each - $1 peelies off THIS Kelloggs cereal
2 Ziploc bags $3.29 each - 2 .40/1 coupons (one doubles)
1 Simply Oj $3

Not part of Lw Promo:
3 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1.79 each - .30/1 coupons (one triples)
3 Glade scented gel warmer $2.29 - free SC Johnson booklet coupon
1 Randalls reusable bag $1.49 - free coupon(took off $2???)

- 5.70 (20%)
-10 Lw catalina
- 1.25 (prior Ziploc catalina)
Paid $4.15 oop and earned back
$10 Lw catalina, 1 $1.25 catalina and 1 $3 catalina for Pillsbury

So final tally that run:
Cost: $4.15 + $10 +$1.25 = $15.40
Received: $ 10 LW + $3 + $1.25 = $14.25
Cost: $1.15

So $1.15 - $5.04 = -$3.89 Profit for the day! I can live with that. I needed orange juice, so to get paid to buy it and all this other stuff is ok with me.


Site Owner said...

WOW! That's great! Lucky thing you scoring 20%!! That's coupon karma at its best ZM. :)

Chau said...

Just curious, how were you able to use 4 $1/2 and 2 $.40/1 for 6 ziplocs? Wouldn't that need to be 10?

RutgersKittyn said...

Are the "$3 + $3.75" from your first order and "$3 + $1.25" from your second order other cat's? If so, what did you buy to trigger them? Thanks so much!

Denise said...

You make my head spin :)

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Chau, I was blogging before bed and have corrected my typo. I used 2 $1/2 and 2 .40 for Ziploc, sorry for the typo

RutgersK, The $3 is triggered when you buy 3 participating Pillsbury in one transaction and the $1.25 is triggered when you buy 2 Ziploc freezer bags(the first transaction, I did six so 1.25x3= $3.75)

Chau said...

That's totally understandable. I wasn't trying to pick on you, I just thought I am missing something.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the coupons at this store how do you get an additional 10% off and what is a doubler and where are they found.. Cound you do a Randalls 101 course or is there one that I missed???

JANE4girls said...

chau, it is completely okay to pick on her...I can't have all the picking on, lol

I wish they had those bugs bunny bags in my store

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...
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ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Anon, the 10% was mailed to me, I am not sure why. The doubles just means the coupon doubles at my store. They double the first like coupon up to .50 and triple up to .39 coupons(first like)
Randalls 101, lol. I think that would have to be a field trip session during one of these sales:)

Robin said...

How do you know which items are part of the LW promotion at Randall's? I picked up a flyer but the store near me doesn't have any LW logos on anything. It lists Pillsbury so I wonder why the cinn rolls weren't included? I got some Ozarka today so I have $24 in cats to use. I'm trying to figure out how to combine them with my qs and maybe get another LW as part of my transaction. There must be a way!

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Robin, a list has been posted on HCW with qualifying items and upc's listed.

Robin said...

Thanks, ZM! I should have known as usual, HCW has the answers! Will check this weekend and make my list.

Anonymous said...

Another Randalls deal: yesterday I stumble Oscar Mayer sandwich lunchables for 99 cent and the register printed a $1 catalina for each one. Final cost -1 cent

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