Monday, April 6, 2009

Kroger run today

I hit one Kroger store at lunch and got the following:
3 Vitamin 10 water $1 each - $1 q (4-4SS) = free
2 Frenchs mustard $1.25 each - .50 q (3-29SS) = .25 each and earns $1 oynso cat wyb 2
3 J&J Buddies bars $1.09 each - $3/3 cat = .18
1 Kroger comfort toddler wipes $1 - $1 peelie = free
2 Glade sense and spray $5 each - $4 q (3-29SS) = $1 each and each earns $2 oynso cat
9 Stride gum 3/$2 - $2 q(3-22SS) = free
Tax = .19
Total $2.96 but got back $5 in catalinas
*I hear the clean linen variety of the Sense and spray do not seem to be working for the catalina and make sure if you pick up the vitamin water, you purchase the ones with 10 as the coupon is specific to this variety!

After work I hit up another Kroger and got the following:
9 Stride gum 3/$2 - $2 q (3-22 SS) = free

Barilla whole grain rotini on closeout $1.04 - .50 q(3-29 SS) = .04

3 McCormick Grill mates seasonings $1 - $1 q(3-15 RP) = free

1 Kroger toddler wipes $1 - $1 peelie = free

1 Frank's hot sauce .99 - .35 q(3-1SS) = free

3 Vitamin 10 water $1 each - $1 q (4-5SS) = free

Total: $0.04


Anonymous said...

I got a clean linen today and 2 the other day and they worked for me. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the pasta on clearance...I have not been able to find these at my local stores. Are they in the actual clearance section or in the pasta section labeled as clearance?

Melissa, Houston

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Melissa, the pasta is on the pasta aisle with red and white close out tags. I have not found them at every store.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to unsubscibe from your blog e-mails. Can you help?



ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Tina, If you scroll down to the bottom of the email you receive, there is a link to unsubscribe.

mg said...

Is there a limit on how many mustards you can get and still get the catalinas to print for every two!??

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Mg, I have not heard of any limits, however, my Kroger will only double/triple 3 like coupons, so I have been doing them 2 at a time. HTH

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