Saturday, January 26, 2013

Walgreens - Today only HOT Double dip for cheap chips!

My friend just let me in on an awesome deal to get my little ones chips for cheap cheap cheap!  How does $0.62 a bag sound after points and sale?

So Walgreens this week has Doritos, Tostitos and Lays (9-13 oz) buy 1 get 1 free and earn 3,000 points (~$3) when you buy $15 or more.
Next weeks ad has the chips on sale for $1.99/bag and the buy $15 or more get 3,000 points.
Well, if you store has changed over the pricing to activate the new ad, you get an awesome double dip:

16 bags of chips @ 1.99 card pricing = $31.84
- 8 bogo chips - $15.92
=$15.92 oop and earn 6,000 reward points(~$6)
After points, it is like spending $9.92 for 16 bags or $0.62 a bag!

Woot, we are ready for Super Bowl now!

Thanks SD and Ivonne.

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mjalbonetti said...

When do they normally switch over to the new sales ad?

Stephanie Jensen said...

It depends on the store, I just entered my card and had them scan a few bags to see if they were ringing up correctly

adria said...

darn it darn it darn it... missed this one

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