Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Staples Close to Free Copy Paper

Staples has some really good deals this week with their Staples Easy Rebates and their Staples 100% free after rewards.
Right now they have Hammermill copy paper for $6.99, earn back a $5.99 rebate, limit 4 per person.
They also have Staples photo plus paper for $9.99, earn back a $9.99 rebate, limit 2 per person.
There is also a $5 off $25 coupon you can print here.

Here is how I made the items close to free after rebate:
2 Hammermill copy paper @ $6.99
1 Staples photo paper @ $9.99
1 animal puzzle erasers $0.50 - filler
1 Scentos Scented marker $1 - filler
=$25.47 - $5/25 = $20.47 + tax = $22.18

Rebates will earn me back $21.97
Cost $0.21 for all (actually if you take into account I will get $1.40 in rewards for the copy paper 10% rewards it comes out a small profit)
I ran this scenario twice to max out on my free paper :D

The plastic tote bins are free after Staples REWARDS(not rebate)  You pay $13.99 each, then get a reward voucher back for that amount the following month.

*Edit to add: I had a reader run this deal and advise me there are pens at the front of the store for $1.50 that can help your store win a contest. Store can win a party if they sell a lot of those pens so consider that as a filler item (wish my cashier would have mentioned it for my 2 transactions)

Now, how are Staples Rewards different from Staples rebates?  Well, rebates are just that, you pay now, submit your information(I love that you can do this online at Staples, so you don't even waste a stamp) and you have a few options for payment back.  You can get a gift card or a check.  I always pick the check because then to me it is 100% free since I will get my money back to use anywhere I choose!

Staples Rewards, you need to sign up for their free card either here or in store.  Once you've signed up you'll earn 10% back in Staples Rewards on all ink and toner, case and ream paper and Copy & Print purchases.  You can also earn rewards back on select items advertised in their weekly ads.  This week there are several offers including the storage bins.  With Staples REWARDS, if you use coupons you will receive the reward value LESS the value of the coupon, hence the reason I broke my transaction up.  If I had combined them, I would not have earned the extra $5 from using the coupon. 
Also, Staples REWARDS are certificates you will receive in the mail to be used only at Staples on future purchases AND they have an expiration date.  This is why I only do them on the items I really need or want.  Then, when the rewards come in, I go buy my toner cartridges for my printer before they expire.  It is money I would be spending anyway, so to me it is like pre-buying my toner and getting the bins for free :D

I hope this makes sense and feel free to ask questions if I have been unclear.

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Thanks for the clarity in breaking it down, I usually get confused easily with the office store rewards. :)

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