Wednesday, January 16, 2013

HEB - The Yellow Coupon post - Jan 16th - 22nd

My favorite coupon is back! Time to stock up on vitamin supplements while HEB still allows us the stack B coupons with manufacturer coupons. (my post on the policy changes)
Combine with $2 Nature made insert for gummies 1/6 insert
or $2.25 IP for gummies or the $2 from the Texas Life January booklets

Jergen's $1.75 B coupon is back.  Combine with the $1 insert form last weekend or the $1 IP ($1.05 if you are a coupon club member) to get the lotion as low as .67.
I also noticed some Natural Glow on clearance!

Not really a yellow coupon deal, but wanted to highlight this offer.  I am having to buy a LOT more fruit these days (Hubs and I have gone Paleo) and apples are insanely priced right now.  I noticed HEB has these 3 lb bags of Fuji snack size apples for $2.48 sale price.  That makes them just .83/lb and I like the small ones because my kids can actually eat most of one without waste.
$10 ham coupons are back. While the hams are NOT currently on sale, if you see this coupon, you might want to grab a couple.  When they start clearancing out the hams, this coupon is usually still in date but disappears from the stores.  Grab them now to use on the clearance ham (YMMV whether your store allows you to use the coupon on clearance ham, but nothing excludes such use on the coupon and I was successful using them last year)
I posted this in my matchup posts but wanted to highlight apparently you need in the in store coupon to get the advertised sale price.  Luckily it is a B so you can still combine with insert coupon. If you can find the packages with the toy cash, you can turn this into a profit.  (also note the 8 pack $2 M yellow coupon is still in date so if you do that toy cash, each pack cost .37 based on my store's pricing)
Maybelline fans, a B coupon to combine with the 1/6 Red Plum insert coupons on any
or the $1 IP for BabyLips
$1 off Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick B coupon. Combine with $3/2 P&G insert coupon to get each for $2.47 when you buy 2.
$2 Covergirl Olay Simply Ageless line.  Look for clearance to get a decent deal when you combine with P&G insert

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the match ups...Thursdays are not going to be the same soon before long. Paleo is that like eating clean? Hubs and I lost 105lbs in 6mo just by eating clean so couponing has been reduced to NON-Food items!

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