Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heb - The Yellow Coupon Post - Jan 8th - 14th

Excuse me for the extra long post, too lazy to do a collage tonight but want to post the deals I saw today.
I don't see any manufacturer coupons for this but if you like Nivea, the small one will just cost you $0.97 and the clearance one $1.36.

Almay has a GREAT new B coupon for $3 off any Almay Cosmetic valued over $4.  There are $2 tearpads you might have in your stash, making the makeup remover better than free or there are a few other eye products and such that would be under $1.
There are not any current coupons, but according to the coupon preview we are expecting $3/2 coupons this weekend.  The cheapest variety is $4.78.  The B coupon is for $5 off a $15 or MORE which kind of kills the deal since you can't group into $30.
 Here is a B coupon for $5 off 2 L'oreal Studio Stylers.  Match that up with the $1 insert from last weekends Red Plum to get 2 bottles for $0.96.
 Dr Smith is pretty pricey but if you really love it, I noticed a B coupon for $2 off and my HEB had $2 tearpads as well.  That is almost half of regular price :D
I didn't see any mainstream manufacturer coupons for these products, but you might have a homemailer to combine with. If you are in need of some feeding products from Gerber Graduates or NUK, HEB has a $2 B coupon.  The cheapest item I noticed was this 2 pack of spoons.
Looks like cheap batteries are back.  Energizer for $6.37 - $2 M coupon = $4.37.  Buy two with the toy cash offer (that blue ad in the front of the pack) and get $8 back in paypal or snail mail.  Makes each pack just $0.37
For you Almond and Coconut milk drinkers.  These are both M coupons but I know these products don't always have coupons out.  The Blue Diamond Almond Breeze will be $1.48 after coupon and the So Delicious is $1.78.
I personally don't care for Spam, but I do buy Egglands Best Eggs.  If you don't have coupons for the eggs, you might go ahead and pick up the spam.  The regular price of the Large is $2.50 and I believe the Extra Large are $2.79.  The spam is $2.48 so slight savings and you can donate the spam.

My husband are on the Paleo diet so I feel like a newbie all over again having to create a price book for items I have never purchased before.  Luckily I have some great coupon buds that have been buying most the items I need so I can consult them as to what price is HOT.  Well, this offer got great kudos.  If you HEB has a Healthy Living section, they are offering 20% off on Saturday and Sunday for anything in that department.  So, if I wait until the weekend, I can get the 20% off and use the $2 yellow coupon to get this 32 oz of Coconut oil for ~ $12. 
And finally. HEB has the Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage breakfast bowls for $2 making them free after the $2 coupon from this past weekend.

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sarah said...

Is there a limit to per paypal account for the battery rebate?

katycouponers said...

Limit is 4 rebates per household regardless of which method of payment you choose

Anonymous said...

My little blue cards say "limit 2 rewards per person, household, or email address". How did you get 4?

T Evans said...

Thanks for this update. I was able to get 2 pkgs of batteries and 4 Nivea body wash that were on clearance for $2.81 - paid $1.81oop for each!
Great help. I donate tons of body wash to elderly family members.

katycouponers said...

anon, when you go to the website and read the fine print it states they have increased the limit to 4 per household

Anonymous said...

Well crud! Was just there last night and picked up 4 packs. If the YQ is still good, I need to run back and get 4 more. Do you happen to know when that YQ expires for $2 off?

katycouponers said...

you have another week

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