Tuesday, January 29, 2013

HEB - No More Stack and Texans shunned

So doomsday has arrived for us HEB shoppers!
As I posted here, HEB's coupon policy has changed to no longer allow the stacking of their Yellow "B" coupons (YBQ) with manufacturers coupons.

And what about that promise of a future of digital coupons to replace the stack?
Well, unless you live in the Bryan/College Station area, there is currently NO digital coupon program for you.  There are 4 stores in Bryan/College Station.  HEB's website boasts having more than 340 stores servicing Texas and Mexico yet only those 4 stores in BCS get to start using this new digital program???
So for you BCS readers, you can go here to sign up for the program with ONE huge catch!
You have to have a mobile phone that has SMS text messaging capabilities to even sign up.  Upon sign up you ahve to provide your mobile phone number and they will text you to opt in.  Without texting, you are out of luck.

So what coupons are you missing from not being the BCS area?  Other than a $5 off $50 grocery purchase loadable, all the rest of the coupons can be found on coupons.com - Digiorno b2g1 free sound familiar; $.75 Multi Grain Cheerios?  Hmmm, sounds exciting huh?

Upon sign up, you can also opt in for their texting deals (no more than 2 a month a week*)
*Interesting, when you sign up the website says no more than 2 a month but the text confirmation says no more than two a week!  Already a problem getting their story straight, hmmm
According to their FAQ on this option:
What are Digital Coupons text offers?

Digital Coupon text offers are exclusive offers that you will receive by text message sent directly to your mobile phone number. These offers are redeemable at checkout by entering your 10-digit mobile phone number and 4-digit PIN at the payment terminal. You will not be able to view these offers on your My Coupon List online.

Hmm, so you have to HOPE if they DON'T come off that your HEB will accept the text message as proof you should get the offer?

Feel free to share you opinions with me here on the blog or on the HEB facebook page.

Personally, I feel shunned by a store that is proud to be Texan yet rolled out this new program to 4 of over 340 stores and left everyone else missing the stack with NOTHING to show for it!

You can find HEBs new coupon policy here and their FAQ on this new policy here.
Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Mariah Washington said...

Well that sucks!

Anonymous said...

Coming from a family with parents who refuse to come into the digital age, this is really a disservice to the older community.

Anonymous said...

What about the older people who refuse to get into texting? or computers? I can't believe they've gone this route.

Shelley said...

I don't give out my cell # it's for family, close friends (like 4) & the teacher. It seems shopping in the College Station area is the place to be. I just read they still double & triple coupons at Kroger there.
I think it's sad!!

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