Sunday, February 14, 2010

Target deals - HUGE Moneymakers

I read about two really hot deals at Target and decided it was time to plan a trip. The first deal involves Gillette razors and Olay bodywash. Target has two gift card deals. One: Buy 3 Olay body wash, get a $5 gift card. Two: Buy 2 Gillette razors, get a $5 gift card. Well, there is also a really great new Olay rebate and some really good coupons to combine with these promotions to get PAID to buy the items. You can find a $15 Olay rebate here. You earn the $15 when you purchase 3 facial moisturizers, facial treatments, facial cleansers, hand and body lotions, body washes or 6+ bars of soap.
This is how I worked the deal:

3 Olay body washes $5.50 each - free insert wyb Venus razor 2-7 P&G= FREE
3 Venus razors $6.99 each -$2 insert 2-7 P&G= $14.97
1 Gillette fusion $6.99 - $4 insert 2-7 P&G= $2.99
1 GE Reveal bulb clearanced $1.77 - $1.50 Target q - $1 insert 1-3 SS= -.73
-.05 Target coupon(for bringing in my own bags)
Tax : .16
Cost oop: $17.34 but earned $15 in Target gift cards so $2.34 cost and I will mail in for the $15 rebate for a final profit of

The second deal I read about involves a LOT of coupons, but it is well worth it.
You will need to first go to and print 3 Scrubbing bubbles coupons,
Bogo Scrubbing bubbles refills
$2/2 Scrubbing bubbles refills
$7 Scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner starter kit

Then, you need to see if you have the inserts from 11-15 SS. Inside those inserts were 2 Target coupons.
$5 gift card when you buy Scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner starter kit
$1.50/2 Scrubbing bubbles products

Here is the scenario I did
2 Scrubbing bubbles starter kits $12.99 each
4 Scrubbing bubbles refills $4.14 each
- $4.14 x 2 for bogo IP on refills
- $2/2 Ip for refills
-$7 x 2 IP for the Scrubbing bubble starter kit
-$1.50 x 3 Target coupon for Scrubbing bubbles products
= $13.76

-$5 x 2 Target coupon for Scrubbing bubbles insert for gift card

6 Quaker oatmeals $1.02 - $1 IP = .12
1 Ge Reveal bulb $1.77 - $1.50 Target Ip - $1 insert 1-3SS = -.73
-.10 Target bag credit
Tax: .94
Cost oop: $13.99 but earned $10 in gift cards
Now, if you have not done the SC Johnson rebate, you can mail in for $5 and you will have gotten all this for FREE!


Alex H said...

Great job! Do you know if the gift cards are still available for the Olay & Venus this week at Target?

Tammy said...

The Olay giftcard didn't work for me today(2/14/10).

I got the giftcards for the Venus razor but the MVP Fusion Power were not signaling for a giftcard. The manager approved for $5 target coupon to be taken off for every two. They need to get these things fixed.

Letty said...

I did not find the BOGO q... Did you use a specific zip code?

katycouponers said...

Letty, you can try 77083. If you filter to show just "household" coupons they should all be on the first page.

Alex, I know the razor gift card is still active, but there was no sign in my store for the Olay for me to know the dates. I will try to find out for sure though.

Greeny said...

The $7 ip isn't showing anymore for me. I saw it, clicked on that and the bogo q and only bogo printed. I went back and $7 is hiding from me....anyone else see it? There is a $5 on sb website but dangit...I want the $7 :)

Anonymous said...

i thought the olay gift card was only for last week.

Anonymous said...


katycouponers said...

The bonus bottles were on an endcap display

Ruthie said...

So I went to the Katy Target today and doing the Olay/Venus purchase was such an ordeal!! I never got my $5 gift card for purchasing a Venus and a Fusion razor because they insisted you had to by the Breeze and not Venus! The signage says Venus and the flyer only says Breeze... The girl said she would "go ALL the way back and check" on the signage and when she came back she insisted it didn't say Venus! Then we had to walk back to the end cap with the Olay body wash because she didn't want to give me my Olay gift card. She did give me that because she couldn't deny it was written there. Not sure what to do about the razors?? Is it a glitch in the system?

katycouponers said...

Ruthie, I am sorry for your bad experience, I actually went yesterday to do a transaction for my mom and the razors this week appear to be the Venus Breeze not the Venus Embrace like last week. They should be able to let you exchange for the correct ones to get your gift card as the $2 coupons are for either one.

Kesa said...

I had an ordeal too today with the Olay/Venus transaction and ended up not getting the deal. The coupons didn't beep or anything but the girl wouldn't let me use them. The Target at Eldridge and Westheimer is hit or miss with coupons. It is not a coupon-friendly store even when you try to explain to them how it works. On top of that, I got home and realized I got charged for two of the Olay's I didn't get. Ugh.

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