Friday, February 5, 2010

Bogo Egg Coupon 10 AM TODAY only- HURRY!

There will be a bogo egg coupon available to print on facebook to fans of the Incredible Edible Egg in about 15 minutes. These will go FAST so get over there and hit refresh until 10 EST(9 am for CST)!
ETA 10:02 CST this is what is currently posted on the facebook fan page:
We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience while the server cools down. Let’s stay optimistic, there are tons of coupons available. Thanks for being Good Eggs while we work this out


Shawn M. said...

I've been trying to get my coupons for almost 40 minutes now! I wanna give up, but I just can't pull myself away!!! Anyone else have any luck?

Shawn M. said...

Finally! after an hour & a half I finally got my coupon. I knew if I tried long enough eventually I would get one. I guess it pays to be persistant.

shuchi said...

Finally got a coupon after waiting for 1 hour, 45 minutes. Finished my laundry and other chores in the meantime.

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