Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kroger Daytona deal run

Stopped at Kroger yesterday for the Daytona deal. I definitely wanted to get the Purex and the Pillsbury since they are pretty much paying us to take them.
Please recall my store will double up to .50 three like coupons and triple up to .39 three like coupons
Here is my transaction:
2 Purex $2.49 each -.35 insert 1-10 RP = $2.88
2 Chef Boyardee $1 each - .50/2 IP = $1.00
6 Pillsbury grands $1.29 - .30/2 - .30/2 IP or 11-22, 12-13, 12-6 SS or 1-3 GM = 5.04
1 Country crock $1.99 - .55 Kroger ecoupon - $1 IP = .44
6 Orville smart pop $1.99 each - $2/2 IP = $5.94
3 Coke $1.25 - free soda wyb 2 Orville tearpad(these beeped and were put in for $1.50) = -.75
-$6 for Daytona deal(20 items)
1 Kit kat .50 (I was trying to add to my total to use another $4 cat to pay, but more tax came off than I calculated, so I should have gotten a Snickers @ .89 lol)
-$4 catalina
Tax: -.78
Cost oop: $4.27 and earned a $4 cat for purchasing 2 Purex and $4 cat for purchasing 6 Pillsbury.

So final tally: Cost $8.27 got back $8 so .27 for everything

Also earned 5 bonus btfe for the Pillsbury promotion I mentioned on this post.

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Anonymous said...

Do the catalina deals have to be used on Purex and Pillsbury products on your next purchase or can they be used with any grocery purchase at your visit?

katycouponers said...

The catalinas earned can be used for most items in the store excluding alcohol, tobacco, stamps and a few other items.

Unknown said...

I just followed your post and received the $4 & $5 catalinas for the grands biscuits and purex. Can I go back and buy the buscuits & purex again, pay with THESE catalinas and receive them as print outs again??


katycouponers said...

Heather, you can use the catalinas and get more, Kroger doesn't work like Walgreens, all catalinas roll.

Anonymous said...


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