Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kroger Ad - April 18th - 24th

Kroger has a few good prices in their ad this week. 
Don't forget, if you are not shopping Kroger, you should be able to price match at Walmart and Target(not all Targets will price match produce, so keep that in mind)

$1 Whole Pineapple - WOW!!! (Did you know you can cut pineapple and freeze it? :D )

$1.99/lb Boneless or shoulder roast, limit 2 with $10 additional purchase

.59 Powerade, 32 oz

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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GlennJ said...

While you're there to snag your $1 pineapples (or raincheck), why not also snag a free Pepsi Next 2L? You will need to load the eQ onto your Kroger card.

(I'm not very good with posting links, but the following is the webpage address with the Pepsi promo eQ)

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

GlennJ, do you not facebook :P

Thanks for the post, I did post this a bit ago on facebook after reading on an email I received. I do post a bit more on facebook then I get a chance to these days on my blog, so if you don't follow me there too, you might miss a thing or two :D
Thanks for always contributing to my blog, you are a great resource of info :D

GlennJ said...

I only use Facebook when I'm going there to print out Facebook coupons. :P

I might even be following/liked your Katy Couponers page, but I only sign on to Facebook sporadically.

I guess I'll have to check your page out before I mention the Stoneyfield Oikos SavingStar deal (as Kroger and CVS are the only stores in my area that report to SavingStar). ;)

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

ok THAT is news to me GlennJ and I like you only have those 2 stores, do share.

Do like me and check when you are logged in. At work the blog is hit or miss since my work will not let me download anything and it is on ie 6 OUCH!!! easier to post to facebook then doing a huge blog post M-F during work hours. So there are MORE items on facebook now then the blog I will admit. If you read my facebook you get EVERYTHING, if you read my blog you get about 1/2 :D

GlennJ said...

Well, then I GUESS I'll have to check FB more often now... :/

Anyway, as for the Oikos deal...

I don't know all the price details yet (not running by Kroger til in the morning), but my region is usually a little higher than Houston.

But SavingStar posted a new tracking offer (where you don't have to buy everything in one transaction) for $5 when you buy 10 of the 5.3oz Stonyfield Oikos Yogurts. Note: Danon Oikos does *NOT* count.

I was very excited, since I got a couple of free vouchers for these in the mail last week (I think from a promo a month or two ago?).
And then I got even more excited when I saw on Hip2Save that there were also a couple of IPs available if you signed up with Stonyfield (50¢/2 and $2/3). Unfortunately, it looks like you can only print each IP once per person/household/computer. But If you have a friend or relative that is to give you their IPs, you could do the following:

10 Stonyfield Oikos
- $4 ($2/3 IP x2)
- $1 (50¢/2 IP x2)
- $5 SavingStar deposit
Really cheap yogurt if these are anywhere in the $1 to $1.50 range.

You might even be able to make a small profit if you recieved a free Q or two in the mail like I did.

GlennJ said...

Update on Oikos deal:

Yogurt was $1.88 at my store, so not a great deal (yet) unless you are specifically looking for organic greek yogurt or have a lot of free vouchers from the previous promotion. Voskos cups were on sale this week for $1, so there is a chance that there will be a sale on these Stoneyfield cups sometime in the near future as well.

And there is also a $1/2 IP available from Recyclebank if you don't mind spending the points on that.

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