Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GiveLitter - Only Costs you a minute please Take that minute :D

Any one that has read my blog for any amount of time should know I am a cat cat cat cat person!  I love cats, I have had a cat my WHOLE life except for the 9 months I lived in a dorm in college.  I convinced my once fiance (now husband) to adopt cats even.  I love their independence but the occasional affection they show.  Low maintenance (compared to dogs) yet serenity when petting them :D

Worlds Best Cat Litter is giving 1 lb of cat litter to these worthy causes for every click you make. Every day you click to the partitcating organizations they get 1 lb of free litter to their shelter! (do you have cats?? I do! I buy a 28 lb and it might last 3 litter changes and that is not changing it daily, which I know shelters change way more!!!!)  Seriously YOU have NO idea how quickly these shelters can burn through litter depending on the number of kennels and the turnaround.  If you could PLEASE take a minute from each day to just check in and vote to give your 1 lb of litter, trust me it will be appreciated!!!

Thanks for the reminder MOM and Julia Coolia!

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