Monday, April 9, 2012

HEB - New Yellow coupons and hidden deals/clearance finds

I apologize for being mia for a week. I hate some severe allergies that made it hard for me to function all last week but the bare minimum of trying to go to my full time job. After that, I was exhausted and would come home and sleep by 8 pm. Then, my family went out of town for the weekend and I was visiting family that has limited to no internet. I have to say, it was nice not being chained to a computer, but I was still suffering from my allergies.
I am home now and better and so here is my post of the yellow coupons I found when walking my HEB on Thursday.
First off, there is a new $2.50 B coupon for Ben Gay. I believe the cheapest item was $4.44 so if you combine the $2 any printable here(new barcode only), you can get them free.

Lady Speed Stick Cucumber scent is on clearance for $1.09.  Combine with the $1 from the 3-25 SS and get them for just .09.  If they are not tagged in your store, be sure to have them do a price check.

There is a really GREAT deal right now on Olay Regenerist and Total Effects products.  As you can see in my pic, there is a $10 off 2 B coupon with a list of items.   My niece uses the cleaning clothes and combining this B coupon with the $3 P&G insert, they are better than free.  There are several products between the two varities that are free or better than free with this wonderful B coupon.  This coupon also covers Crest Whitestrips and Pampers Super packs(boxed $24.95 diapers).  Combine with manufacturer coupons for some good deals.

Another B coupon I found is for Tide, Swiffer, Duracell, Always or Cover Girl items.  The Covergirl items are usually 2.24 and up, so combining with the manufacturer coupon can make a few items cheap.  If you need batteries, the 4 pack typically sell for ~ 3.97, combine the B coupon with the .75 insert to get them as low as 2.50 (not personally a buy price for me)

If you are a fan of John Frieda, you might want to clip your $2 off any full size product coupons from 3-4 SS.  Use the free JF styler B coupon to get a good deal.  I also scored some $5 off Styler wyb JF shampoo and conditioner peelies from Kroger so my scenario looked like this:
1 styler, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner @ 4.79 = 14.37
-4.79 B coupon for free styler
-5 styler peelie
-$4 - 2 $2 off any full size product (excludes Full Repair)
=.58 for 3 products :D

If you are more of a Dove fan, then this B coupon might be more for you.  Buy a shampoo OR conditoner, get free styler.  Combine with 2 $1 off hair care manuf. coupons from 3-25 RP and get 2 bottles for $1.57.

$1 off 2 Pampers wipes B coupon.  The tub wipes are $2.37 so combine this B coupon with the .75 IP here to get 2 for $1.12 each.  Not a GREAT price, but if you need wipes, good enough.

This same coupon is good for Bounce as well, the cheapest Bounce is just over $2.
Combine with the $2/3 insert and you can get 6 @ ~ .90 each or mix and match with the Pampers.

Not a combinable deal but I thought this was a pretty awesome price.  HEB Sauced Glazed yams are $1.44 and there are $1 off YQ making them .44 each, YUMMY!

Some of you probably recall my post last week stating these dry shampoos have try me free peelies but I didn't buy any cause 1. I honestly had no clue what dry shampoo was and so 2. I had no use for dry shampoo so why pay the tax and the cost of the stamp!!!
Well, HEB seems to know my thoughts and decided to put out a pretty little $2 off coupon making this now a money maker after rebate (thank you HEB :D)

And Finally, one really super awesome coupon find:
This coupon has so many great deals!
If you have NO coupons going into it, you can simply get 2 Bounty Basic single rolls for better than FREE (.06 overage on 2) with just this yellow coupon.
If you however have done the P&G deal back in October or December of last year and picked up any of those Duracell packs with coupons inside, then you definitely want to look at those coupons first.  Inside is a coupon for $1 off any 2 Bounty towels.  Combine the 2 coupons and you will have overage of $.53 each wyb 2.
This coupon is also good on Ivory products.  Select HEB stores sell the 3 packs of Ivory for $1.37 each.  Combine the B yellow coupon with the $1/2 insert from the last P&G and again you have a money maker.

One of the deals I did with this coupon is with the Charmin Basic.  I had a home mailer for $1 off any Charmin product.  My HEB sells the 4 pack double rolls of Charmin Basic toilet paper for $2.47 each.  I got one of those and 1 Bounty Basic and it looked like this:
1 Charmin Basic, 1 Bounty Basic = $3.44
-$2/2 YQ
-$1 off Charmin Basic
= .44.

Just make sure you check out all your homemailer coupons from P&G before you head to HEB.  You might be surprised by some of the good deals you can score :D

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Anonymous said...

Hi! and Thanks so much for the great YQ's posting! Just wanted to let you know that dry shampoo is a great product! Other than giving second-day greasy hair new life, for us fine-textured hair gals, if you spray it at the roots on freshly washed/dried hair, it will give your hair tons of texture. I tried the one featured, and to be honest, I didn't like the smell ~ heavy floral and had a chalky residue. My best bet? Suave! Yep. the cheap one :). But hey... it's free + money maker! so, maybe the other scent will work. Thanks again! ~ Tara

Anonymous said...

Dry shampoo iss much needed for elderly and esp troops overseas.

Kim said...

Do you know if you can combine two B coupons?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Per their coupon policy you can only use 1 manuf coupon and 1 Store (B, S) coupon per item

so no, you cannot combine the two fekkai coupons currently out there ;D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the B coupon post! Hope you feel better this week!!

Anonymous said...

so glad you're back & feeling better!
jamie in georgetown

Anonymous said...

No $10 Olay qs at my HEB. So bummed, I wish they had the same coupons at all the stores!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

anon, you might want to check near the crest whitestrips at your store for the $10 coupons :D

Anonymous said...

What's the policy on overage?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't do the paper towel deal at the HEB in Katy. :-( Our coupon specifically stated and 8 roll package....I can't believe they would have different coupons. Anyone else have this problem?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon, there are actually 2 coupons, one with size limits the other without. Look near the other items listed on the coupon like the charmin basic. My store has the coupon you mention hanging next to the Bounty but the 2/2 no size restriction near the MORE expensive items ;D

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon, HEB policy does not really address overage except to say you will not get cash back for the whole transaction. YMMV as to whether your store will allow the overage since there is no steadfast policy

Anonymous said...

I went to the HEB in Houston, TX off Bunker Hill and they only had the Q's for the Olay. I'll head to another HEB to see if I can find some more good deals...

My Olay purchase was totally awesome though. Bought 6 items and ended up only paying $2.17 (including tax)! Success! Saved $42.

Thanks so much for your help!!!!

Unknown said...

My store in Kingwood did not have the $2 off on Bounty Basic (no size restriction). I will gladly pay for postage if someone would mail me the coupons. Please contact me at for address.

Unknown said...

My store in Kingwood did not have the $2 off of Bounty Basic (no size restriction). I will gladly pay for postage if someone would be kind enough to mail me a stack. Please contact me at for my address.

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