Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clearance find: Iams Dog Food at HEB

While walking HEB to get pricing for the P&G deal, I noticed these 15.5 lb bags of Iams dog food.  There are also $2 YQs right there next to them.  I thought I would test them out for the buy $30 get $10 oynso catalina.

Here is the scenario I did:

3 Iams dog food $8.93 each
2 Cover Girl single eye shadow $2.24 each
-3 $3* Iams coupons
-2 $1.25 B yq for Cover Girl
-2 $1 Cover Girl insert 4-1 P&G

Earned $10 oynso.  So $7.77 for 46.5 lbs = .17/lb

*I had some $3 coupons from the trial size bags I got for free at Target several months ago :D
(If you don't see any of these bags on the shelf, don't forget to check your store risers!

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Anonymous said...

Which HEB please? I went to the new one in SL and my usual one in Pearland and nothing IAMs was clearance priced. Thanks in advance, Mercedes

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

This was the Sugar Land store.

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