Monday, April 30, 2012

Free Starbucks Refresher - Safeway stores(Randalls, Tom Thumb)

If you have your Randalls card registered on their site, you should see they added several of the Pepsico cards to their loadable coupons, including the Starbucks Refresher FREEBIE! Just go here and log into your account to load the coupon.

Thanks SD and GlennJ

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GlennJ said...

I got back from my local Safeway affiliate (Tom Thumb) this afternoon, and noticed that the Starbucks Refreshers eQ works better than the paper Q - it deducted the max ($2.39) price instead of the sale price ($1.49) of the item!

Also of note, the Lucerne cheese deal you posted a couple of weeks ago (I think?) is now even sweeter with the Lucerne IP *and* instant rebate. 2lb blocks of cheese (except sharp cheddar) were on sale at my store for $4.99. So I got 2 blocks and a yogurt cup - and both $2 deductions came off without a problem. 4lbs of cheese for ~$6 !

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Thanks for the update GlennJ. I did post the potential on that Lucerne deal with my matchups. I went and did it yesterday myself, but I got the smaller blocks of cheese so I could get 4 varieties and I found a cottage cheese with a 50% sticker :D
Also got my Simply OJ while there, yum!

GlennJ said...

lol... I got the Simply Orange as well and ALMOST got a cottage cheese to fill out my $10 (I actually was going to use some discounted lucerne eggs, but then "chickened" out and got the cottage cheese, and then found a yogurt flavor I had to try...) :)
I filled out my cart with free Yakisoba, some 44¢ Pepsi 2Ls, and a cheap Haribo gummies and Quaker Medley. I must have overlooked the match-ups - I'll have to see if I missed anything! Thanks again Stephanie!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

did you get the Hallmark cards too? those were not in my scenario but I found 1.49 cards and you get a $5 cat wyb 3 (.99 cards excluded) There "was?" a $2 off 3(might still be available?) so decent MM. Sorry, I had my mom with me and forgot my phone so I didn't take a pic and I forgot to look at the end date!
I also got the gummy bears with coupon, the cheap powerade .43 for 2 after ip, the free ivory hand soap with the .50 coupon from duracall packages, the reach toothbrushes for the cat(can you tell I was trying to get to $50 to use my $5 off)

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