Saturday, October 20, 2012

Reader Spotlight - Heb Unadvertised Veggie deal

My coupon bud Greenie found this deal today at her HEB.  Margaret Holmes veggie coupon for .75 off making the buttered corn just .23.
She also informed me her mom in Austin was able to find some Green beans in this brand that were under .75 so the store adjusted the coupon down for her to score them for FREE!  SWEET!  This coupon expires 10-30 so plenty of time to find some canned veggies to stock up your pantries.

Thanks Allisyn for the pic and deal.

Readers, I am making a trip to HEB tomorrow to get the girls the HEB Buddy blankets with all their Buddy game points and hopefully they will let me walk around a little to look for other deals.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do! It has been a big help for my family!

Anonymous said...

This is completely of subject, but have you heard anything about Wal-mart not accepting coupons on price matches?

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon, I have not heard that about Walmart. Would kind of defeat the purpose of price matching since you would be able to use a coupon at the original store

Anonymous said...

I agree, we were told yesterday that you cannot use coupons on price match

Anonymous said...

I actually found some collard greens for this brand at .72 cents and you can use your .75 cents off in-store coupon, and they are basically FREE! check it out.

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